Hanging up my wings…

Never did I see the day coming that I would hang up my wings and stop doing what I am so passionate about…and yet here I am sitting at my new home watching airplanes from my window cruising high above me in the sky while reminiscing about all the wonderful times I had while being […]

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Jetset Love🛩️

You may or you may not have followed my recent and very exciting transition from commercial flying to private aviation. Sounds like a pretty glamorous lifestyle right? It absolutely is! So if you are interested stay tuned because I would like to take this opportunity and invite you on a little insight tour with me […]

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A summer to remember…

After another endless flight marathon combined with loads of studies while traveling across the globe I finally get a chance to write again. It’s been a very busy but also memorable summer for me and I honestly don’t even know where to begin… Let’s start by elaborating a little on my current field of studies… […]

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New Years Resolutions

2016 has arrived and my days are filled with loads of love and excitment as I welcomed a new family member into my life ❤ but let me start from the beginning which brings me back into 2015… It all happened on New Years Eve, that night I made a promise to myself to finally […]

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Christmas kisses&Co.

It’s that special time of the year again where everybody else is planning how and where to spend the holidays with their loved ones…everybody except us flight attendants -.- for us it’s probably one of the busiest seasons of the year as we fly millions of people around the globe to make sure everyone will get home to their […]

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