Crazy about New York!

My luck strikes once again as I am heading to the big city for a 2-day stay. -NewYork- Together with me: an amazing crew along with some of the highest ranking politicians in the world all traveling to attend the UN conference in NY…and maybe also to go and see the pope -like me 😉 […]

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Namaste from India🙏

The day has finally come that I get to experience ‘Incredible India’ in person. It’s been more than 5years of constantly flying back and forth to and from India without actually seeing the place as we usually don’t get to leave the airplane on shorter flights like this. But with all those nasty rumors about […]

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My Summer around the World…

It’s been a while since I last posted on my blog…but in my defense: it was a really busy month and with all the ‘stress of traveling around the globe’ I got seriously sick -.- ok not literally as it was just a simple flu. but it hit me. hard. and let me tell you one thing: […]

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Bula from Fiji!

It’s my first day on the Island and I am already feeling a little adventurous…But instead of heading to one of the 5* resorts along the famous Coral Coast I want to see the real Fiji with all its hidden treasures and maybe also not so pretty sides. I want to see how people actually live […]

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Dedicated to You <3

This one is not only to you my friend but to all the great moments we shared together and the everlasting memories we created. Unfortunately you left me too early and without a chance to say goodbye. And even though it truly upsets me at times I cannot be mad at you as I only have the fondest thoughts about […]

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Dream BIG!

I strongly believe in life goals and little achievements to keep moving forward. Having said that, I never really had a ‘Master Plan’ for myself in life. People always say that a goal without a plan is just a wish…being half Italian (yeah I know always blame the Italian part) and considering myself as a […]

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