Aloha and welcome to my personal Blog!

My name is Giuliana and I am a passionate Aviatrix sharing and collecting great memories and exciting adventures from all around the world throughout my life as a professional Flight Attendant and Private Pilot. I started flying when I was 22 but always had a secret passion for aviation…

After 7 years of living and working for a commercial Airline in the Middle East, I immigrated to the United States where I started working on a Private Jet and discovered what Jetset life really means 🛩️

My first stop took me to Hawaii where I got married to my wonderful husband and got to experience the magical island life and Aloha spirit for the first 2 years. We now live in California where I fly small airplanes and enjoy my freetime running at the beach, hiking, doing Yoga, Kick Boxing or taking a trip up into the mountains. 

Throughout all those years of flying I never got tired of writing, which is why I decided to share my personal experiences with you.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy reading…

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