Staying positive and motivated during challenging times

Aloha friends, 

I wanted to quickly check-in and discuss recent developments within the industry in the face of Covid-19. 

Although pretty much everyone is affected by this situation, it is undeniable that travel and aviation, in particular, have been hit really hard.

With many people being furloughed or having already lost their jobs and airlines continuing to cut crew and cancel aircraft orders due to ongoing travel restrictions and financial loss, the future of the industry is heading into an uncertain direction, causing a lot of anxiety for many of us. 

But there is hope…My aim is to try and shift this mindset by redirecting your thoughts and concentrate on the positive things of this situation. 

As a result and instead of losing track, I decided to use this time by networking with the aviation community and engaging with industry leaders to see how others are feeling and get a better picture of what to expect in the future. I was lucky to meet some of the most amazing people and had a chance to participate in zoom meetings that really motivated me in staying focused and keep working towards my goals in aviation. 

Here are some of the main takeaways that I would like to share with you: 

  • The travel industry will change and although people will be more careful when traveling and stricter measures will have to be taken, we still and maybe even more so have a strong desire to travel and connect with other people. 
  • Although the airline industry is going to reshape, it will also be able to recover eventually. With its peak reached in 2019, the industry will become smaller with major reductions in fleet sizes and an overall shift to smaller aircraft. 
  • Pilots are still going to be in high-demand, as many of the senior pilots within some of the major air carriers are nearing retirement age and we also need more diversity within modern flight decks. 
  • With many airlines struggling to stay afloat and customers being more hesitant to travel commercially there are many other options within the industry, such as corporate aviation, which seems to be a great alternative and offers a lot more flexibility.
  • Despite recent travel restrictions and many airport closures, general aviation has been very busy allowing student pilots to continue their flight training and an increase in private air travel. 
  • The stay at home order has really brought the community much closer together allowing us all to connect, grow, and exchange with many very creative ideas being generated, which makes me really excited for the future.

Besides all those points, I would like to also highlight the importance of keeping an active mind and body in order to remain healthy and happy. 

Here are some of my favorite ‘quarantine-activities’:

  • Aviation-themed podcasts and zoom meetings
  • Reading books on my kindle (no trip to the bookstore required) 
  • Long walks outside (getting fresh air is so important!) 
  • Yoga (there are so many free online workout classes on youtube!) 
  • Cooking (discovering new recipes using healthy ingredients) and baking (because everyone loves cookies and banana bread)
  • Journaling (self-reflection and development)
  • Connecting with friends and family online or over the phone (practice physical distance not social distance!)
  • Studying and preparing for my upcoming flight training

During the past few weeks, I studied, read, and trained a lot, which has really helped me get through most of the days. I would lie to say it was easy and fun all day every day, as I surely had my troubled moments of doubt and sleepless nights of worry too. I think it is important to acknowledge those feelings and concentrate on the things you can do in order to change your mind or habits and reach out to others. I have learned and discovered so many new things throughout this time it is really incredible! At the same time and after 4 years of studying, I also learned the art of doing nothing at all, which really is a skill to be mastered for those who are restless…

My point is that there is a silver lining to everything in life and although you might not be able to see it right now, I urge you to remain positive and keep working towards your goals in life, whatever that may be. I personally like to look at this situation as a form of ‘renaissance’ (re-vival) for our entire planet and concentrate on the positive side-effects hoping we will come out of this in a much better and stronger way.

Always remember to be brave, take risks, and stay resilient!

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