Make dreams come true!

For those of you who know me or have been following my stories for a while now, you will probably know or may have guessed by now about my not so secret passion for flying…

Believe it or not but it took me more than 10 years to finally make my dreams come true to become a pilot and in the end it took me less than 2 months! But let’s start at the beginning…

It all started with a dream – the dream of flight.

Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed about flying. My fascination took me to various airports across the continent, where I would stand in awe and gaze at airplanes taking off into the skies imagining all the exciting places they would go to. I spent hours fantasizing about the idea of being onboard in order to join the crew on a journey around the world. And so it happened that soon an idea turned into reality and with that my never-ending passion for aviation took flight. After many years of dreaming, at the age of 22, when I was finally old enough to pursue  my dream job, I became a Flight Attendant for one of the most prestigious airlines in the world. But here is the thing with passion: once you get into it, you never really get satisfied that easily. And like so many others in this world, I strived for more.

One of the great benefits of working in the airline industry is that it allows you to travel and gives you the opportunity to explore new places and things. But instead of settling with this new and exciting lifestyle I decided to follow my true passion and started working on my Private Pilot License, which has always been a big goal of mine. Never will I forget my very first time of soloing an airplane. Being up in the air all by yourself really is an indescribable and unforgettable experience, which majorly contributed to my confidence. From that moment on I experienced a whole new world and it almost seemed like nothing could stop me. It felt like I needed more and more adrenalin to feed my rising enthusiasm for aviation. Although I was never really sure what I wanted to do with my life on a professional level, I always knew that my future career was going to take me to the skies.  

Despite all those great experiences and big dreams of mine I also had some major drawbacks early in my life, which prevented me in continuing my path at the time. I decided to take a different route and instead focused on obtaining my degree in Aeronautics first. I ended up working as a flight attendant for a total of 8 years and honestly do not regret a single minute of it, as it truly opened the world to me and lead me to so many different experiences and meaningful encounters in life that I am forever grateful for. Looking back at those years and remembering some of the stories, I can say with absolute confidence that I had some of the best times of my life during those years. Nevertheless, I never gave up my hope to one day return and continue where I left off with my Pilot training.

And here I am, 10 years later I finally managed to earn my own wings while finishing off my degree. I would lie if I said that it was an easy ride, as the past 2 months have been truly exhausting for me. I was flying and studying every single day in order to make my dream come true and make this possible. Therefore, I believe it is incredibly important to have a strong network of support and always remember your goal, which will ultimately motivate you to push even harder. I honestly could not be any prouder of this major achievement in my life and I am so grateful for all my friends and family who supported me along the way. I am very lucky to have such an amazing husband by my side who always encourages me and believes in me even if I don’t. I truly appreciate every single person that has reached out to me those past few months and motivated me to continue over all those years, which is another great benefit of this industry – we all share the same passion and are all like family.

With less than 6 % of pilots being female in this industry I believe it is time to make a change and prove that women can do the job as well, if they are given the opportunity. I am the perfect example that anything is possible in life, as long as you have the courage and will-power to pursue your dreams and make it happen. Ultimately, we cannot expect things to change without making a change ourselves so ask yourself today, what can YOU do to make a change and what it is that you REALLY want to do with your life. Remember, life is short so enjoy it and do what makes you happy.

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