šŸŒ“Island LivingšŸŒ“

I hereby would like to give you a little insight into my personal life and share what it’s like to actually live on an Island in the middle of the Ocean…

Let’s start with how I ended up in this magical place I call home now…

After many years of extensive traveling as a Flight Attendant had taken me to so many exotic places all around the world where I met the most interesting people from all kinds of cultures, a trip to Bali finally lead me to a very special encounter with destiny…šŸ’•


I have always believed that you meet everyone in life for a specific reason and so I took it as a sign and decided to follow my heart. A sudden change in my career allowed me to take the big step and move all across the globe to an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, which also happens to be one of the most remote places in the world: HawaiišŸŒ“


With aloha on my mind and approximately 6 boxes full of shoes (yes-mostly shoes!), clothes and other random things and souvenirs that I had collected during those past years of flying, I found myself on a one way trip to paradiseĀ for the first time in 7 years.Ā Believe it or not but it actually feels a little overwhelming to make such a drastic change after all those years of constant traveling. But I guess sometimes you have to take risks in life in order not to get stuck and make things happen to pursue your dreamsāœØ

Now if you think that Island life is always full of sunshine&rainbows you also have to remember that a rainbow also needs rain. As much as I love this place and the idea of living on an Island, I also had my moments of struggle, especially in the beginning. With the ‘glitz&glam’ of my previous life as a jet-setting flight attendant slowly fading away, I soon began to understand what it’s actually like to live a more sustainable country life in my new home on the North Shore of Oahu. To be fair, I am not actually living a very minimalistic and simple lifestyle like some others might do, but the convenience of having things around you or getting to places is definitely a little different over here… 

Despite the initial bumps and occasional challenges in adapting to my new lifestyle, I really fell in love with this Island. Coming home from a flight never felt this good and every time I was off-duty it felt like I was on a little vacation. Hawaii definitely has something magical about it and I really enjoy exploring all of its Islands, as each has its very own charm and deserves some special appreciation. 


Living on the North Shore of Hawaii has also allowed me to enjoy more outdoor activities, like hiking, running, boxing, riding my bike or doing yoga and relaxing on the beach. My day usually starts with a morning run by the beach or an early yoga session before I start hitting my study books. Sunset sessions are definitely a tradition here that cannot be missed. I have seen some of the most amazing sunsets here on this Island and look forward to seeing many more in the future. In the evening we usually cook something at home or have BBQ with friends. Apart from keeping myself fit and healthy, I also just managed to complete my first degree in aviation while rekindling my passion for writing, baking, and cooking.

But it was really only after hanging up my wings, that I was able to start focusing on my personal goals in life. With all the flying and the crazy schedules, I was constantly tired and exhausted from my trips. All I wanted to do after my shifts was to relax and not go anywhere. It took me a few months to really bring back some balance into my life and rewind. This was a very tough process, especially for my partner who is very active in general and also likes to go on adventures every now and then. But I guess with time we both learned how to understand each other better and that both life and relationships really are a journey, not a destination…


The more time I get to spend on this Island, the more I appreciate the beauty of its nature and the importance of protecting it. With many initiatives around the island promoting a plastic-free environment in order to protect not only the island itself but also the ocean around it, as well as the rising trend in making more conscious and sustainable life choices in general, I am really inspired by making a change for the better. In the end, we only have one planet to (currently) live on and it is really up to us what the future will look like. 


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