Jetset Love🛩️

You may or you may not have followed my recent and very exciting transition from commercial flying to private aviation. Sounds like a pretty glamorous lifestyle right?


It absolutely is! So if you are interested stay tuned because I would like to take this opportunity and invite you on a little insight tour with me and open up the curtain to see what it is really like working on a private jet….


Most people see my pictures and hear my stories without realizing what it actually takes to get where I am now and that I do really work when I jet around the globe in fancy planes with the super-rich and famous. I do realize that I am extremely privileged in my way of life and I am very grateful for having this opportunity as many girls my age can only dream about my job. At the same time I also want to clarify some pre-judgments about the industry and open up about personal struggles in life that will naturally come along with a schedule of a flight attendant.

First of all, let me start by telling you that you have to be very strong-minded and admit that things won’t be easy all the time. There will be times where you feel very alone and also extremely tired. Self-motivation plays a vital key role in this part of life as you have to remind yourself every now and then about your own blessings and why you love this job. It is equally important to build a strong foundation of people you can trust and rely on. I myself am very lucky to have great family support, loving friends and a very understanding partner who never makes me feel alone-no matter the distance ❤️

To make a move across continents all the way onto the other side of the world was honestly speaking not an easy task for me. It doesn’t matter whether it is absolute paradise or your dream destination you are moving to when you have absolutely nobody around you that can catch you when you fall. With this job and some very challenging shifts you need to have some sort of network that will make you feel at home, even when you are not. Imagine living out of a suitcase for 3 weeks at a time and no place to come home to when you are off. Someone recently told me that home is where the heart is and it doesn’t really matter where you keep your belongings as they are just ‘things’. The more I travel and the more time I get to spend with loved ones, the more I believe this is true.

In this crazy world and with our busy schedules we sometimes tend to forget how essential love to one another really is and that we do need to share those feelings in order to feel loved. I look at all the terrible things happening around the world and it honestly breaks my heart to see some of the brutal acts some people are able to commit in order to hurt others. I sometimes wonder what makes them do such horrible things? Maybe they were unable to share love or maybe our world really turned into a place where everyone just lives their life anonymously without a feeling of belonging. I admit that those are pretty deep thoughts but in the light of recent events and some drastic changes in my own life I feel very vulnerable to those things and hope we will all learn to be more compassionate towards each other.🙏


Now back to flight attending….💁‍♀️

As I mentioned earlier the schedules on a private jet can be pretty rough. Working 3 weeks on-3 weeks off might sound pretty tempting, but it also means you going to be away for almost an entire month. During this time you will be non-stop working and always on standby for any possible duty. At the same time it is also very exciting as you never know where you going to end up next and who will be your passenger. On my last shift I flew to very exotic places like Alaska and Aspen. Two destinations I have never been to but always dreamed of going. Also the time you get to spend off duty will be much more appreciated over time as you surely want to make the best of it and get to see your loved ones as much as possible❤️

Work-wise it is a lot more challenging due to the fact that you are pretty much on your own with a lot more responsibility and things to organize. But if you are an aviation enthusiast like me you will get rewarded with the most amazing aircrafts and most fascinating equipment that will simply blow your mind. I recently flew for the very first time on a Gulfstream and let me tell you it was just magical. Never did I dream of entering one of those jets -let alone flying one- and here I am, crossing oceans and serving caviar and champagne to the most interesting people. I obviously cannot speak in public about my customers or give away any personal information, but I can tell you that it definitely never gets boring on a private jet…

As you see, it really depends on you and your personal attitude what you make of it but in the end of the day I do believe that it still is one of the most fascinating industries to work for and despite some personal struggles here and there I honestly don’t think I can ever work anywhere else close to the ground.

As Leonardo da Vinci once said “For once you have tasted flight you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.”


One thought on “Jetset Love🛩️

  1. Hey Giu, vielen Dank für diesen ehrlichen Einblick in diese Art des Fliegens. Ein ganz anderer Lifestyle. Danke fürs Teilen. Ich selbst habe vor Kurzem auch ein Angebot in der Corporate Aviation bekommen und es angenommen. Bin sehr gespannt aufs Neue und die neue Herausforderung. Vielleicht sieht man sich ja demnächst in Dubizzle, Berlino oder any other hot spot. Auf jeden Fall happy and safe flights.. always xxx

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