To happy endings and new beginnings…

In my last blogpost I already gave you a little taste of what paradise looks like for me…so it was just a matter of time that I finally made a change in life that would allow me to make paradise home for me 🙂

And here I am sitting now, about to move to the other side of the world, my heart filled with excitement and my mind going over those past unforgettable 7years…

It has been a roller coaster of incredible experiences taking some of the most amazing people with me along the ride and passing through some of the most exotic places one could ever imagine…but before I get all emotional let me tell you from the beginning how I ended up here…

Everything started with a dream…a dream to fly, a dream to work where other people make vacation, a dream to turn a passion into a job….I was dreaming every single day not giving a chance to doubters or people that would not believe in me or even criticize my choices. In most western countries being a flight attendant is not considered as one of the most respected jobs, especially if you earned a degree or come from a good family. And so I had to listen to many people trying to convince me to take a different route in life…looking back at it now and considering the fact that I almost traveled the entire world in those past 7years, living a life one could only dream of, I can only smile 🙂


 Having said that, I also want to highlight that it was surely not an easy ride to get to where I am right now. I went from interview to interview and send out many disregarded letters that would leave me in a lot of frustration, but at the same time ignited my motivation to try a little harder every time a little more instead of giving up. Until one day my dream finally turned into reality when I received the ‘golden phone call’ and was hired to be a flight attendant for one of the biggest and most glamorous airlines in the world. This is when everything started…

Only 2 weeks later I found myself in the land of one thousand and one nights moving into one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world and fast-tracking into my new career. I saw the great wall of china, flew across the himalayas, learned how to surf and cook thai,  traveled to the most remote islands on the planet, celebrated christmas and new year in foreign places with foreign cultures, discovered some of the most fascinating and historical places on earth, dined in the world’s top restaurants and met some of the most interesting people along the way. All of this was made possible because I followed my dream and made it become reality.

Why am I sharing all this with you now? Because I believe it is important to realize that you don’t just follow your dreams and chase your ambitions to prove others wrong and accomplish achievements. The ultimate reason to follow your passion in life should always be yourself and that you try to find whatever makes you happy and then just do it. Some people might need a little more time to figure that out and that’s ok. But it is extremely important to never give up along the way and also dare to make a change when things stagnate in life or you find yourself at crossroads…

And so it happened that after 6,5 wonderful years I found myself at a turning point in my career. It is hard to put my feelings into words as I wasn’t unhappy or unsatisfied with anything but I simply knew I had to change something in life in order to move on. They say that your body replaces itself every 7 years. I am actually not talking about the scientific process of cell renewal or anything biological but more about the spiritual cycle and some inner energies that seem to affect us. Apparently even Marilyn Monroe seemed to be aware of that… 😉


I would lie if I said my decision to leave was an easy one…but instead of leaving all this behind me, I’d like to take it with me-in form of great memories. I am happy to say that I can look back at an amazing and eventful time without having any regrets. It has been an absolute wonderful time and I do not want to miss a single day of those past incredible 7 years, but now it is time for me to pack up and follow my heart…

I am grateful for an amazing family support, a loving partner on my side and true friendships I made along the way, knowing they will be forever in my life ❤

But if you thought I’d hang up my wings that easily I must disappoint you as I will continue flying and following my dreams…so stay tuned!

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