It’s been a while that I’ve been posting on my blog…but in my defense, it’s also been a while that I’ve been actively flying as I was pretty much grounded for the past 2months…

The reason for my little ‘downtime’ -as I would like to call it- was not so much of a personal decision, but rather a string of events that lead to some unfortunate health issues that knocked me out for a while. Here is the thing with our job and working in the aviation industry…it can be absolutely fantastic and also really exciting as it is probably one of the most amazing jobs in the world…but only as long as you maintain a ‘good relationship’ with your immune system, which is not always that easy…with more than 6,5 years of pretty much non-stop flying around the globe I guess it was just a matter of time that my body starts fighting back at me. And as much as I would have loved to take on this battle, I knew deep down that this time I wasn’t gonna win. So I gave in and did what was best for me and my health and stopped flying for a while in order to give myself a break and be able to fully recover…💪

Believe me when I say that it wasn’t easy for me at all. Considering my active lifestyle and the busy working schedules I was used to, it was a real challenge for me to just sit and rest at home without all the action and excitement around (realizing how crazy that must sound). But to be fair it also had it’s positive sides as I got a lot of time off to reflect and come to peace with myself in many terms. Especially around New Years Eve while everyone else was out partying and getting drunk I managed to come up with resolutions that I might actually be able to stick with and also dedicated a lot of time to my current studies and the things that I am passionate about.

In the end of the day it’s not so much about what we say or plan for, but the things we actually do and are willing to make an effort for. This season made me aware of the importance of family and loved ones around you, but it also got me thinking about my own health and how vital it is to look after yourself. With only one life to live we should really make the best out of it and focus on what we want in order to be happy. Right now I am at a turning point in my career and I am not sure where it might take me but I always like to look positively into the future and embrace whatever lies ahead of me, so stay tuned…✨

With a special encounter in my life and many other exciting things happening I am glad to have some positive distraction and also a mood booster that helps my recovery progress. I really think that positivity in any aspect is the key in life…and love 😘


But before spreading some more positive vibes I would like to share what actually happened to me on one of my previous trips to:

Yinchuan, China

It all started as a ‘normal’ and very easy flight with only 8h and a very light passenger load. With my first time flying to the central parts of China I was actually pretty excited to experience some new sights and also a different cultural aspect of this very huge country. But when we reached I already felt hit by a sudden tiredness and a slight feeling of being unwell. Over the next few days this turned into a much more serious feeling, which forced me to stay in bed and avoid the freezing minus degrees outside. Luckily we stayed in a really nice hotel with a great spa and very luxurious rooms, which helped in making my stay much more pleasant. I don’t know whether it was the comforting pillows in my cozy hotel bed or just the fact that I was overly exhausted that just made me stay in bed all day every day for pretty much 7days in a row -.- I guess you can tell from that already that I was not feeling my best…but here comes the magic twist: being sick usually sucks anyway, but now imagine your thousands of miles away from your home base, stuck in a foreign country with a foreign language and -here comes the greatest part- no medical provision at all! Our hotel location was in such a remote area that it was impossible to get hold of any english speaking doctors or find any international hospitals around. As dramatic as it might sound, but there were moments where I honestly thought I was not gonna make it back. Luckily I get to laugh about it now, but back then it wasn’t fun at all. You simply cannot imagine my relief when I finally got a phone call from a doctor abroad sending me on the next outbound flight back home✈️️

As horrible as this trip might sound and actually also was for me, as equally grateful I am for the people that were around me during this time sending me well wishes and comforting me. Thankfully I also had a great team flying with me and looking after me, especially our Purser who not only provided me with some much needed medication but also got me onto another level of spirituality by practicing ‘Reiki’ with me. Reiki is a traditional Japanese healing technique that focuses on channeling energy and can also help in improving emotional and overall well-being. It was my first encounter but I actually found it very stimulating and might give it another try…Not being a big fan of medication and drugs in general, I believe many health related problems can actually be cured by eliminating stress and adapting a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

I still haven’t been flying up until now, so I am not sure how my body is gonna react once I get my wings back on. But I do know that I miss flying a lot and that I also feel a lot better after being able to rest for a while. Here is another secret about our job…it’s called the ‘travel bug’ or something like the ‘restless syndrome’, which describes the constant urge to be on the move and I think most of us are ‘infected’. But whatever you wanna call it, I’d rather be stuck with that, than battling another nasty virus..😝


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