A Summer to Remember…

After another endless flight marathon combined with loads of studies while traveling across the globe I finally get a chance to write again. It’s been a very busy but also memorable summer for me and I honestly don’t even know where to begin…

Let’s start by elaborating a little on my current field of studies…

Since I am really addicted to aviation and also very passionate about my job and everything aircraft related I decided to pick up on my plan to finish my studies and get my ‘rusty flight attendant brain’ going again (seriously-this job makes you forget a lot!). So I started taking classes abroad in order to get a scientific degree in aeronautics. As you can imagine most of my days off these days are filled with assignments, exams, online lectures and other time consuming studies…is it stressful? YES. Is it manageable? YES. How? I guess the most important thing is to try and cope with the stress by prioritizing tasks and learn how to maintain a healthy work-life balance…which is also one of the reasons I started doing Yoga again. Believe it or not, but it does really help…well for me at least. Another thing you will have to compromise on are the social activities you engage in. That doesn’t mean that I am not having fun anymore or never go out, but you definitely have to be more selective and learn how to sometimes say ‘no’. I would lie if I say it was easy as I am really struggling with the many deadlines being involved-especially while I am on the longer trips. Anyway the reason I am sharing this with you is because it is important to understand that with a positive and motivated mindset anything is possible in life. If you are passionate about something, take a step forward and just go do it. In the end of the day, you will only regret the things you did not try.


Enough about studies, let’s get to the fun part: my travels 🙂

After all my work trips and a series of ‘self-discovery/exploration’ travels I decided it was about time to go home and finally pay a visit to my beloved family ❤ And here is the thing with coming home…no matter how long or how far apart you are from them, it will always feel like you’ve just seen each other yesterday. Family will always be there and make you feel comfortable because they accept you for who you are and know you better than anyone else. So it goes without saying that I had a fantastic time back home in Italy surrounded by loved ones and spoiled with the most delicious homemade food 👌

My next adventure took me onto the other side of the world on a 1 week trip all the way across the globe over Asia to Australia and New Zealand. It was a very long and exhausting flight, but I surely had a great time as I was surrounded by an amazing crew who was super motivated and happy to be on this flight. Together we discovered Bangkok by night and cheered each other up whenever the jet lag kicked in. In Thailand I also went for my very first exotic cooking class discovering many local dishes and getting to make my own pad thai…So if you ever have a chance to come and visit Bangkok, make sure you check out: silom thai cooking school to take one of their traditional classes led by local chefs and also including a trip to a market where you will get all the delicious and -careful- also very spicy ingredients!🌶🌶


When I finally reached the hotel in Sydney on our way back from New Zealand I suddenly felt my energy had left me. And so it happened that for the first time in my career, I managed to spend 48hours in a hotel bed without moving. As glamorous and exciting as this job can be, it will also challenge your immune system and take your body to its limits sometimes. This is why it is so very important to stay fit and healthy and listen to your body as well as to take a break every now and then. I had to learn it the hard way as I was in the middle of an intense study session and probably very tired as well. Luckily, I had enough time to recover before my next adventure taking me to my all time favorite destination:

– Los Angeles –

Excited about the flight I was even more excited to celebrate my first American Halloween in the US. It may not have turned out as planned but it was surely another unforgettable stay in ‘la-la-land’…

What I learned on this trip? Not everything in life is certain, but that’s ok, because that’s what makes life so interesting…sometimes life has other plans for you and while people might leave you disappointed, others will lead you to much greater things…just remember: everything happens for a reason, so relax and enjoy the ride 🙂


As the summer is slowly coming to an end now (at least on this side of the world) and we are approaching my favorite season (Christmas!) I cannot hide my excitement anymore and look forward to my upcoming trips wondering where in the world they will take me…so stay tuned😘

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