Bali vibes

After a long summer break filled with studies and plenty of work I am finally returning to my blog updating you on my latest love with:

🌴 BALI 🌴

What started as a very spontaneous and short trip to simply learn how to surf surprisingly turned into one of the most inspiring and self-exploratory little trips of my life…

The adventure began by searching for the right destination for my surf-trip. Since I was a first timer with absolutely no experience (apart from stand-up-paddling-which doesn’t really count anyway) I figured that ‘surfers paradise’ Puerto Escondido in Mexico or ‘sharks paradise’ Gold Coast in Australia might not be the best options for me…Taking all available destinations and also my friends recommendations into consideration I somehow ended up picking Bali. It was more of a coincidence that I landed on the website of Bali Surfer Girls who helped me to arrange the entire trip for me. Believe it or not but it wasn’t until actually reaching my guest house that I actually knew where or who I was going to spend the next few days with. And what can I say, with views like this I surely did not get disappointed:

Big Brother Surf Camp is located in the beautiful area called ‘Canggu’ which is a little quieter than the usual tourist hotspots and therefor made the perfect location for my getaway. The guest house is run by Russians and occupied by travelers from all over the world with a passion for surfing. There is many coffee shops and little restaurants around the area but to reach the beach you will have to take a motorbike or go by car. I immediately felt so welcome and comfortable in this serene place far away from the party scene and overlooking the peaceful rice field that I simply knew I was in the right place.

The first day began with a little sightseeing tour around the Island in order to explore Bali’s unique culture and see how locals live. My host organized me a driver for the day who happened to be the most lovely and probably also most knowledgable and therefor best tour guide around here. He explained to me that Balinese people very much believe in Karma and while walking around the streets you will see them placing their offerings in form of beautifully crafted baskets filled with leaves, flowers and other small things in front of their houses and shops. These so called ‘Canang saris’ are a form of thanking the gods for the peace given to the world and are to be seen almost everywhere-even at the beach. Balinese culture is a mix of Hindu-Buddhist religion and it seems that people here really live peacefully together despite their believes or foreign backgrounds, which is a really nice thing to see…especially in these days 🙏


My first stop of the tour was one of the famous coffee plantations where I also got invited for a little tasting ☕ My personal favorite is the Coconut Coffee but I also liked the ginger teas which are supposed to have great health benefits. Personally I am not a big fan of the famous ‘Luwak’ coffee which is digested by a cute looking animal and then poured into my cup…the thought of it just doesn’t really attract me so I guess I prefer drinking it the traditional way instead.

Moving on we went to visit the famous ‘Uluwatu temple’ located right at the cliff offering the most majestic views over the ocean. It’s the perfect spot for sunset lovers and fans of the cheeky little monkeys who are doing most of their business up there. Believed to be one of Bali’s most spiritual pillars this temple is not only a great place of worship but also one of the greatest tourist attractions. And so I happily tagged along being one of them…

Coming from Dubai I really thought traffic can’t possibly be any worse anywhere, Bali definitely proved me wrong. It took us nearly 3hours to reach this spot from Canggu which is only 35km away. So I was relieved when we started heading back as I was getting pretty hungry as well…

For dinner I was taken to one of the most romantic places on the island. Set right at the beach with tables spread out in the sand and the most amazing seafood on display I was sure: this must be heaven. For the first time I also got to taste balinese vino…up until then I was not even aware of the fact that they are producing any wine on the island. And what can I say…it is actually pretty good👌 Just check it out yourself: Bali wine

One of the best eatable things on this trip however were the healthy breakfast bowls that came in all different colors and arrangements with my favorite being made of Açaí. This so-called ‘superfruit’ is originally from Brazil and really tastes like a bomb💥acai

For some healthy inspiration and really good coffee check out my fav places for breakkie in Bali:

But let’s get to the actual reason and much more fun part about this trip: SURFING🏄 Being literally obsessed with the beach life and waves ever since I was little I somehow never found the time and maybe also courage to actually try it for myself. And here I was: finally in my element and ready to hit the water. When I met my surf instructor for the first time I gotta admit that I was a little surprised by the fact that he was Russian. That is because up until then I had absolutely no clue that Russians actually surf at all…and let me tell you: they are pretty damn good as well! It turned out that my teacher was not only my mentor but also a great inspiration throughout the entire journey. I was lucky that he was very patient with me on my first early morning without the proper dosage of caffeine. Thanks to him I gained much more confidence in the water and also managed to absolutely fall in love with surfing…


I honestly don’t know whether it is the beach, the people, the good vibes or simply the laid back lifestyle but there is something really magic about this place and it truly held me captivated. I might have been there for only just a few days but Bali definitely took a very special place in my heart and left me with such great and unforgettable memories that I surely don’t want to miss. I wasn’t necessarily sad when I was leaving but for the first time I started wondering what it must be like to just stay and live a life without any worries, no schedule and no make up. It might sound crazy but with a busy life like mine and a job that takes you to all these fantastic places only just to get a tiny glimpse of it, true luxury really is to stay and rest for a while. I found my inner peace on this island and even though I might have physically left the place behind me something surely stayed with me…


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