New Years Resolutions

2016 has arrived and my days are filled with loads of love and excitment as I welcomed a new family member into my life ❤ but let me start from the beginning which brings me back into 2015…

It all happened on New Years Eve, that night I made a promise to myself to finally clear myself from all evil and end toxic relationships in order to start the new year fresh and honest. Just to get things straight as this is not one of those ‘new year-new me’ posts, I simply felt like clearing up my personal life a bit. And so I did…I took all my courage and went out of myself to tell people the truth in order to free myself and maybe also protect myself of getting hurt by others. It might sound very dramatic but I honestly believe in happiness and honesty which is only to be achieved with complete piece of mind and self-reflection. It is easy to say that ‘last year was not my year’ with everything that has happened around me but instead of feeling sorry for myself I decided to accept that life is a journey and we all have to live and learn from our flaws and failures in order to go on and make the best of it. And with a little bit of more optimism I am positive that 2016 will be ‘my year’ 😉

With this in mind I was getting ready to celebrate the end of the year in total peace and harmony…but destiny had other plans for me as god must have wanted to send me a little lucky charm who would soon turn my life upside down..


This is Nero, the new man in my life💙 You can now call me crazy catwoman or whatever but I really could not care any less cause haters are gonna hate and people will always judge me no matter what. All that matters to me is that this little fella truly fills my life right now and I really have so much love for this tiny creature that I was honestly never aware of having so much affection inside of me. It’s not that I planned on any of this as he literally came tumbling into my life. It was that very same night on New Years Eve when my friends called me to tell me that they have found a baby kitten who was about to die out in the streets all alone by itself😿 And because -believe it or not- I have a heart too we decided to find a new home for him..which apparently ended up being mine😁 and so I am very happy and proud at the same time to have saved a precious life just in time with the start of a new year🙏

As you can probably imagine it’s not that easy to raise a small kitten when you’re constantly flying around the globe and rarely spend time at home. Luckily I have really great friends who truly support me and help me whenever they can and so we somehow make it work together 🙂


My first trip of the year took me on a long flight away from home to:

-Dallas, Texas-

Weeks before I was excited to go on this trip and then guess what happened…the winter blues kicked in and I got sick again -.- so instead of rocking around with the cowboys (please no misinterpretations here!) and indulging into some tex-mex my highlight was a trip to wholefoods-which on another note I absolutely love🙏  Here you can not only do some serious and very healthy grocery shopping but also have a wholesome lunch or dinner at any time of the day…and with their newly opened wine bar you can actually really enjoy that as well🍷👌🏼 One of the best things about the states is that you always meet interesting people everywhere you go and never really have to feel alone. And so I ended up sharing my dinner with a friendly American who was happy to educate me on his country’s history in return for some European war stories…for some reason people over here seem to have a really big fascination for that…after a lovely chat and a stock up on my vitamines and daily grape intake I was finally on the road to recovery again…

Unfortunately that didn’t last too long as a few days later I was sent into the freezing cold:

-Moscow, Russia-

Reflecting on my New Years Resolutions I probably should have wished for a better immune system this year😝

The flight was pretty entertaining as Russians are very well-known for their ability to drink quiet a lot…and we’re not talking soft drinks and water…we’re talking about the real deal: hard liquors and vodka instead of water. So one can only imagine the party we had on board. After confiscating a huge bottle of alcohol for self-consumption on ground already we had 4,5 hours more to go which left me with 400 crazy Russians to control at 40,000 ft…it turned out we had some really interesting characters with us…one of them was the wealthy polician in his fancy and very colourful suit who bought almost the entire duty free cart…somehow I must have caught his attention and so he insisted on taking pictures together. Since he was traveling with his wife and kids I did not have any bad intentions in mind and so I happily fullfilled his wish. But of course ‘naïv me’ got fooled once again as he later secretly sneaked me his business card leaving me with some creepy message to come and meet him somewhere in Russia…

Anyway I still tried to make the best of my stay and even forced myself out into the blasting snow storms❄️ which looking back at it admittedly was a bit crazy. Since it was Sunday I somehow found my way to an amazing church…completly frozen I welcomed even the smallest candle light🙏 Another thing that really fascinates me in Russia are the beautiful and very impressive underground train stations…so if you ever get a chance to visit Russia’s capital city don’t miss out on a trainride!


 Getting back into the hotel I was so cold that -despite all nasty hotel room stories- for the first time in years I decided to take a hot bath 🛀🏻 And boy did I enjoy that🙏 After finally being able to feel my completly numbed bodyparts again I was ready for the flight back…but unfortunately the flight back wasn’t ready for me -.- As you can imagine it can be pretty challenging trying to take off in a snow storm…and so we ended up waiting and de-icing for hours until we were finally bound for some more comfortable climate again🌴🌞

Back in the sandpit I was ready for some cuddles of my new black and hairy lover -we’re talking about the cat of course! I can not emphasize enough how great it is to have someone waiting for you and being all excited about your arrival…despite the fact that he does drive me crazy sometimes with all my traveling it is great to finally come home to someone who actually  makes me feel home🙏


And now I really do sound like a crazy catwoman…🙀

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