Christmas kisses&Co.

It’s that special time of the year again where everybody else is planning how and where to spend the holidays with their loved ones…everybody except us flight attendants -.- for us it’s probably one of the busiest seasons of the year as we fly millions of people around the globe to make sure everyone will get home to their family to celebrate christmas. But I guess every job has its ups and downs and for me it’s about what you make it…which is why I decided to celebrate my xmas a little earlier than usual this year and took some time off in the beginning of this month in order to go home and see my own family ❤


Fortunately I come from a very loving and understanding family who not only supports me and my job but was also willing to throw a little xmas party on my behalf 🙂 And so it happened that we set up the Christmas tree in the beginning of december already and started baking ‘premature xmas cookies’.  With all my dear ones around we had a fantastic time indulging into some traditional feasts and reminiscing about good old times. As usual I really enjoyed spending some time at home after a really busy season in order to just wind down. Maybe it is also because in this job you are constantly surrounded by so many different people from different cultures that it is really hard to build real lifetime relationships and have deep and meaningful conversations as we all are kind of strangers to each other. But this is another topic…so let’s get back to the jolly times 🙂

My next and final trip would take me to my all time favorite destination:

– New York –


With a stop over in Milano it was the perfect trip to continue my little christmas shopping spree in Italy 😉 And so it happened that while everybody else stayed in bed on a foggy and rainy monday afternoon I ended up going into the city only to pay (and when I say pay I literally mean pay!) a visit to the famous multi brand department store ‘la Rinascente’. The store gives its translated name ‘rebirth’ a whole different meaning considering all the crazy shopaholics out there-me included. In the evening I took the crew for a nice dinner to one of my favorite restaurants around town which over the years became a local hotspot amongst airliners as it is conveniently located close to the airport. Yes- we are lazy people…but let me tell you as a half Italian with a background in gastronomy: this restaurant is really fantastic. Just go and check it out yourself:

osteria della pista

Moving on to the big city I was more than ready to go as New York always owns a very special place in my heart. With this in mind I felt like doing something crazy again. And so I woke up at 4am in the morning only to head down and see the fully illuminated Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. And oh what a glory! All the sparkle and those million little lights always warm my heart. But the best part was seeing this miracle without all the tourists and crowds in front of it trying to take the perfect picture. Knowing that my jet lag was well worth the pain I consider myself very lucky that day. But what to do when you are up so early and all shops are still closed? Exactly-you climb up on one of the highest buildings in the southern hemisphere: the so called Freedom Tower, better known as One World Trade Center. Maybe I have some sick addiction to high altitude pressure or something haha…Unfortunately the weather turned out to be pretty similar than in Milan and so I ended up at 1,700ft above Manhattan City with exactly zero visibility -.- Anyway I ticked the box and got my ears pressured once again so all is good 😉


Luckily I got some well deserved rest before we made our way back to Milan as the flight was pretty exhausting to be honest. I was actually so tired that I slept away the entire next day…right until Christmas eve. For me as for so many others around the world it is a very special night that I usually spend surrounded with my family underneath the Christmas tree. But with no family and no tree around either I had to come up with something else…and so I organized a little Xmas Dinner with the crew in my favorite Restaurant close by who really made a huge effort to make us feel as homey as possible. It was such a wonderful evening with great food, live music and believe it or not: even some singing and dancing involved…but this I’d rather not share here 😉


This night I also got my first offer to a Christmas kiss but I guess some things are better to be kept private..The following days I was very blessed to be surrounded by great people who really made this season a very special one for me. And so I am very grateful for having received so much love throughout the holidays and do believe that this is what it’s all about on Christmas. In the end the best moments in life can never be captured into words or pictures but they will remain forever in our heart ❤



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