Getting into the Christmas Spirit…

It all started with a trip to *drumroll*:

New York ❤

I went there in the end of last month which was honestly speaking a little bit frustrating for me as a runner cause I had to leave exactly one day before the start of the big Marathon. Needless to say that I didn’t get in anyway -.- (for the third year in a row now!) So far I only got to run the NYC Half marathon which was probably one of the best experiences I have had in my running history. But luckily I had something else to look forward to apart from the big city itself: my family ❤

My excitement to see them made a 14 hour flight go by in a heartbeat..but -truth be told- I was equally happy to see my bed after this very long and tiring trip…The first thing I did after getting up was to go recharge my batteries in central park. With everything being set up for the big marathon and runners as well as spectators being all over the racetrack it was easy to get my motivation on. Once again I was in my happy zone and just when I felt like nothing can stop me I remembered that I still have a date with my family (shame on me!). Yes I guess running can be really addictive and also a little distracting at times 😉

We met in the early evening hours and the plan was to head straight to Bryant Park for the opening of the Christmas Village 🙏 A little stroll down 5th Avenue enlightened our tired eyes and got me ready for the freezing temperatures outside. I guess with time I got a bit too used to the desert climate at home. When we finally reached the park I could not hold back my excitement any longer…joyful music and cinnamon scent from all those little stalls selling their seasonal treats, cheerful children running all around begging their parents for some candy…and in the middle of it all: a huge iceskating rink 😍 One thing was for sure: tonight I was the real kid in here cause I was definitely not gonna leave without getting on the ice. And so I dragged my poor cousin and his girlfriend -who were still in complete agony from their NYC street walking marathon- along with me. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.😝

bryant park

As much fun as it was…it was a great feeling to finally get out of those shoes afterwards and warm us up with some well deserved drinks🍸And so we headed to one of New York’s iconic rooftop bars right in the middle of bustling times square. The fact that the bar is part of a hotel might make it less special..if only there wasn’t the revolving part with 360degrees views all over the heart of Manhattan.🌆


And so another awesome layover came to an end with exactly 0 presents ticked off my xmas shopping list -.-

 Luckily I was a bit more successful with that on my next two trips to:


 The flights were busy as usual and to make things even a little more challenging I had to deal with 3 medical scenarios at the exact same time. It was actually quiet a touching story as one of our customers was diagnosed with cancer and had recently undergone chemotherapy. The lady was obviously still very weak and fainted on the way to the bathroom right into her husbands arms who was more than concerned about her. While I was speaking to the doctors over the phone I saw his eyes getting all watery and so I took her hands in order to reassure him that I will do my very best for her. Later when she regained some strength I asked him how long they have been married for and his answer was 40years🙏 Nowadays it’s very unusual to see something lasting for such a long time and also someone caring for their partner in such a deep and honest way that it truly touched my heart❤️

In the meantime on the other aisle I saw the complete opposite example of a young couple. Once again it was the female part who was affected, however this time by severe vomiting and a ‘not so caring husband’ -if I may say so…While I was helping her to the bathroom and trying to identify an onboard doctor her partner stayed completly untouched by what was going on in his seat continuing to watch his movie. Unbelievable but true. Luckily I am not the one to judge so I just did my job the best I can, happy being able to help someone. Looking back at it this drastic comparison it somehow makes me question the values of nowadays relationships as everyone just seems to care about themselves. But at the same time it taught me the importance of having someone you can trust and who truly cares on your side rather than some ‘eye candy’ to simply just have fun with.

But enough of that…let’s get to the more serious topics: like Christmas shopping🎁 Finally reaching London I was once again relieved to see my bed before heading on a 45min train journey into the city. Despite the fact that our hotel is so far away nothing can stop me during this season to spend all my time (and money) in Harrods&Co. One of my all time favorites and a true classic though is Fortnum&Masons. No visit to the city is complete without stopping by the tiffany-coloured department store💙


Call me crazy but sometimes I just enjoy browsing through all the fancy and completely overpriced things without actually getting anything. But my personal highlight is always a visit upstairs at the tea salon where I could sit and listen to the piano man for hours. With my bags full of goodies and my xmas spirit fully recharged I decide that it’s time to draw the line and head back to the hotel.

My next destination took me a bit further to the east side of the world:


Being one of my favorite destinations in Asia I was very excited to finally go there again. The flight was very exhausting as we had a transit stop in Sri Lanka and reached very late in the evening. Nevertheless I was happy to be there which once again didn’t stop me from sleeping for 13h straight -.- I guess I must have been very very tired from my recent non-stop ‘flight marathon’ around the middle eastern region. Because despite what it may seem here or what your idea of a flight attendant might be we also fly to ‘less fancy’ places in the world…

Our hotel in Singapore is conveniently attached to one of the biggest shopping malls where you can basically find everything from haute couture to small local shops. But my highlight is always the stationary shop with its millions of pens, stickers, cards and diaries in all different colors and styles. This is where I can spend hours-and dollars 😉 Don’t judge-it’s my thing.


Another great thing about Singapore is the food! Being a vegetarian (again no judging please!) I mostly enjoy healthy food options with loads of veggies added up with some spicy asian flavors. Here you can really find everything: from Chinese and Japanese style restaurants mixed with European influenced dishes to many different exotic creations from all over the world. But the best part always comes in the end: a relaxing foot massage at one of the many reflexology spas. There is nothing better before or after a flight. It is actually really interesting how it can actually affect your overall wellbeing and the many benefits it has on your body. Go check it out yourself and try-but be careful as you might get addicted 😉

foot massage benefits

With a few more flights to go a very busy month finally comes to an end and I am very looking forward to some more fun filled trips and exciting destinations for December. Hopefully I will be able to spend the holiday season with my loved ones or in a nice place surrounded by people who value this season as much as I do. Having said that it makes me really sad to see what is going on around the world -especially at this time of the year. I pray for it to stop every day and wish that people finally come to realize that no god in this world would want us to kill each other. I pray for all the innocent people who have lost their lives already and also for those who are trying to escape from the fear and terror in their lives. If I only had one christmas wish this year to come true it would be for everyone to live in peace and harmony with respect for each others opinions and religions. Nevertheless I am wishing everyone a merry pre-xmas time with loads of laughter and good times…don’t let the evil in this world stop you from being happy and living your life…get into the spirit, spread the love and enjoy the holidays!


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