Crazy about New York!

My luck strikes once again as I am heading to the big city for a 2-day stay.


Together with me: an amazing crew along with some of the highest ranking politicians in the world all traveling to attend the UN conference in NY…and maybe also to go and see the pope -like me 😉 Our flight feels like forever and when I reach the hotel I can barely feel my legs anymore. I hit the sack straight away only to wake up a few hours later refreshed and ready to go for a beautiful run in central park. The weather is amazing and I cannot wait to explore some new parts of the city that I haven’t seen yet. With the popes arrival to be expected the entire city is in an exceptional state completely fenced down and securely guarded by police men on every corner. One can only imagine what the traffic was like…crazy!

So I took the subway all the way down to Chelsea, a neighborhood located on the west side of Manhattan. I was immediately taken in by its unique flair and ‘arty touch’ as it houses a lot of galleries and international artists displaying their work either on the streets or at the famous ‘Highline’ of New York. Another place I instantly fell in love with. Originally serving as a  railway it is now converted into an elevated urban park offering a great place to hang out for locals and tourists. With the Chelsea Market directly underneath it there is plenty to do, see, eat and drink 😉


I meet a great artist from Eastern Europe who displays some of his personal photographies of New York expressing all his affection for the city by simply displaying its daily life. I am so impressed by his art that I decided to buy some of the pictures to take back home a piece of this mesmerizing city and bring it with me into the desert. When I tell him about Dubai his eyes suddenly lighten up and he asks me if I ever tried camel milk chocolate. Personally not being a big chocolate fan myself I am not too excited about the thought of it, but his enthusiasm when he talks about it just made my day. Next time I will definitely bring this man some camel milk and ask for a trade business 😉


Feel free to check out his photographies here:

After my little art exhibition I have my obligatory burrito for lunch (no visit to the states without having some Mexican food) and chill outside in the sun before heading on a little shopping spree. On my way uptown I find another gem: a Chinese Massage place. As much as I hate strangers touching me, there is nothing that comes close to a good foot massage 🙏 especially after all the walking you do in a city like New York.

When I reach the hotel in the late afternoon I am ready to take a little nap and plan to wake up just in time for one of the most famous shows on broadway in the evening: Chicago. Unfortunately my jet lag kicks in once again and so I peacefully sleep until 9pm…panicky I start jumping off the bed getting dressed for..yeah for what actually? The show has started an hour ago and my friends are stuck on the other side of town due to the chaos on the streets. And so it happens that for the first time in a long while I plan to head out for a night out on my own. But hey-it’s New York…this city will never leave you alone 😉

Balancing my way out on my 7-inch high heels I was lucky to catch an ‘Uber’, the latest trend in transportation and a great alternative to cabs. My first destination is a trendy sky bar showcasing the city’s largest outdoor rooftop terrace directly in the heart of Manhattan with incredible views of the Empire State Building ğŸ˜


Equipped with a Bellini I dance my way through the crowds and it doesn’t even take two minutes until the first strangers mingle around me…without any chance of course as my only date for the night is gonna be the city ❤ After the first few guys coming on way to forcefully I get annoyed with people and leave the place realizing that I haven’t had anything for dinner yet. Here is another great thing about New York City: no matter where you are you will always find an amazing restaurant dishing up some great food right around the next corner. And so it happens that I end up in a fantastic Oyster Bar enjoying some delicious seafood served with sake and some curious looks from other guests at the bar. I guess after some time in this job you pretty much get used to wining&dining on your own and so eventually you stop feeling sorry for yourself and enjoy your own great company 🙂

After all the food and drinks I get tired again and so I decide to head back to the hotel by foot with one last stop at my favorite place: the New York Library. Unfortunately I wasn’t smart enough to pack my flats and so the walk got pretty painful. After 10blocks of stumbling across the pavement my tourist status was pretty obvious to everyone out on the street as no New Yorker on this planet would ever forget taking their flip flops or trainers on a night out. Well I guess you live and you learn…and sometimes the best way to learn is through pain…I definitely learned my lesson that night 😉

A few blocks down I realized that I had been followed by a stranger who probably thought the same thing about me. After crossing the 3rd road in synchronization he finally took the courage to ask me whether I have been secretly stalking him. From his accent I could tell he was French and so I creeped the shit (excuse my french!) out of him when I replied in fluent French. I found out that he was originally from Toulouse but living in New York all his life. I guess after some time he felt obligated to take me -the obvious tourist and lonely girl- out for a drink to a proper place. After trying to insist for a little (I usually don’t go out with complete strangers!) I finally gave in realizing that I have nothing better to do anyway and that I owe this city another chance.

He took me to an iconic place called 21club that requires gentlemen to wear jackets and was filled with some pretty interesting characters from wall street. I sipped on my Espresso Martini listening to his personal New York love story and gazing around the place. But after a while I got tired and so he took me back to my hotel where things started to get awkward…We met one of the crew in front of the door and after a while of painful silence I felt like I should maybe introduce them to each other. Unfortunately I forgot his name and because I was tired I simply made up some other interesting name. He looked at me in shock, but after a few minutes of more awkward silence we all started laughing.😂

The crew left and I just offered him a kiss on the cheek realizing that he was french and I should have probably offered two more. And because I am a well-educated woman I politely asked how to properly say goodbye in French. His answer was so inappropriate (I won’t even quote it here) that I decided to exchange the kiss for a ‘kind slap’ in his face leaving him in shock once more. I am not sure what’s wrong with some guys and why it is so hard to just go out for an innocent drink with somebody…anyway I am sure he learned his lesson…


The next day didn’t start to well as I was stopped from running into central park by a policeman. Apparently the whole park was closed down for the pope’s visit-much to the dislike of many other runners who were now desperately running around the built up fences. And so I paid my honor to the pope after completing my workout in the gym by watching him from a safe distance…on TV in my hotel bed.

With the traffic getting crazier with each hour we even had to reschedule our wake up call and so I was lucky to spent the last few hours resting in bed recharging for a long way back into the desert…✈

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