My Summer around the World…

It’s been a while since I last posted on my blog…but in my defense: it was a really busy month and with all the ‘stress of traveling around the globe’ I got seriously sick -.- ok not literally as it was just a simple flu. but it hit me. hard. and let me tell you one thing: flying with a cold is not fun at all and definitely should be avoided.

So here I was, just coming back from my lovely Paradise-Getaway, and already having a full schedule ahead of me…It’s not that I am complaining or anything as I actually had really lovely flights waiting for me, it’s just that I was so exhausted after this long trip that I could really feel it in every of my bone…but on the brighter side I got to experience the last beautiful days of European Summer…

My first trip took me to

– Paris –

How on earth can you go to France in sunny August without actually going downtown and stroll around the beautiful ‘ruelles’?! Impossible. Which is why I skipped my sleep and joined the crew on an early morning city tour. I guess it took me a few ‘cafΓ©s au lait’ in order to wake up but once I did I was ready to explore beautiful Paris ❀ And boy did we explore the city. Our first stop was the Notre-Dame Cathedral with a walk along the River Seine. The toughest part was probably the ride on the metro as none of us was familiar with the underground system and it can get pretty challenging when you have a bunch of flight attendants from all around the world -except France of course- trying to work their way through a map of a foreign country…Anyway we somehow managed to find our way through the city and ended up at the ‘Tour Eiffel’. With massive crowds of tourists everywhere none of us had the patience to stand in any of the lines in order to get up the tower. And so we decided to walk a bit further into one of the side streets which led us to one of the most amazing spots in town with fantastic views to remember…


If you ever have the chance to visit Paris I can highly recommend this place…not only for their delicious drinks&food but mostly for their fantastic panorama outdoor terrace: les ombres

After a lovely afternoon went by and it slowly started to rain I could really feel how tired I was and back into the hotel I fell into a sleeping coma straight away…

One day later I was already having my next great destination waiting for me:

– Barcelona –

As it was my first time with the airline there was no way I would just stay inside the hotel room. But unfortunately it had hit me already by then…It was on the flight that I slowly felt myself surrendering. But faith would not just let me give up like this and so I made a special encounter that kicked my ass on the layover…no-not literally! πŸ˜‰ Our hotel was beautiful and with its location directly at the beach it was just too tempting not to go for a run-even in my weak condition…I honestly cannot say that I saw too much of the city but I am very happy to have gone on the flight and look forward to coming back soon again…


Luckily I had two days off after this trip to recover before my next big flight to:

– Toronto –

After three days of just staying inside my house and drinking tea instead of coffee (ok I might have cheated and had one or two cups of coffee in the morning) I felt strong enough to do this. With 16h ahead of me I already felt kind of dizzy but I would not let it stop me from giving the best I can. And so I did. One can only imagine the state I was in when we finally reached our destination -.- The last thing I remember is how I quickly excused myself upon arrival to the crew with a vague smile on my face and then went on to disappear into my room for the next 2days. But after 40h of coughing and sneezing with the sun shining right into my room reminding me of all the great things waiting outside for me I just couldn’t stay locked into my room anymore. And so I got a little adventurous and headed straight out to the ‘beach’…or what Canadians call a beach πŸ˜‰


It was actually quiet nice as it was warm and sunny outside and had much better views than my boring hotel room. On my way back I passed by a flea market that had a few good records on offer so once again I couldn’t resist and stopped by for a little bargain stroll…needless to say I found some goodies πŸ˜‰ I happily ended my little tour with a visit to church as it was sunday and fell straight back into bed afterwards. After a good amount of well needed sleep I was ready for the way back and proud to have managed another long flight on my agenda. Looking back at my entire remedy of self medication I must say that there is only one thing that really helps to fight sickness: sleep. Loads of it. And so I finally was fit enough for my very last trip to

– Frankfurt –

I honestly cannot say much about this layover as basically all I did was running. So happy to finally be fit and healthy again I just could not think of anything else than getting back into my trainers. Once again the weather was just beautiful and so I explored the botanical gardens right in the heart of the city all by foot. With my annual simulator training coming up I also had the chance to work on some studies already…yes-believe it or not but even us flight attendants have to study for our job every now and then…and so here I am writing on my blog instead of studying for my recurrent test πŸ˜‰

It is even harder to concentrate on studies when you get to fly to your absolute favorite destination of all times:

 – New York –

Especially when you get to meet a loved one β€ Sorry to disappoint at this stage as there was no romance involved as my secret date partner was my little sister who was vacationing in town. We had a great time together as usual but I honestly believe that it doesn’t really matter where you are if you are in great company..though it surely doesn’t hurt to have an amazing city like New York as your ‘surrounding’ πŸ˜‰ We started our day with a great breakfast and a nice little walk through central park, one of my favorite places in New York and a great spot for running-guess what I did the next morning πŸ˜‰ Since you cannot have a ‘girls-day’ in NYC without the mandatory leisure activity that involves spending money we headed straight to 5th Avenue for some window shopping. Yes-only window shopping! Thanks god my credit card stayed safely tucked away this time. For the special occasion we decided to have our lunch in liquid form and went straight to the next outdoor bar for some fancy cocktails in order to celebrate our random get together far away from home. Having a sister is a great thing but being dragged apart by oceans and many miles and flight hours is another thing. And so we truly enjoyed reminiscing about good old times and almost forgot about the time…


As it was time for her to leave I fell into my next big coma called Jet lag. There I was struggling to stay awake but at the same time not able to fall asleep. I mean how can you? It was the middle of the day and I found myself in the incredible city of New York ❀ And so I decided that it was time for me to finally try what all my colleagues have been going on about…the ‘halal guys’. Famous for their Falafel and Gyro Platters these guys brought halal food into America and you will find their carts on almost every corner nowadays. In all honesty I secretly have been judging my colleagues for many years to go and eat there but the queues each night at the tiny food trucks started to make me think…there must be something about this place..So call me crazy as I work for an Arabic Airline living in an Islamic society and am still craving halal food when abroad..but after finally going to check it out myself even I gotta admit that it’s damn good. I guess the whole hype is more about the sauces as the food is pretty simple. A little bit of rice, some salad and your choice of meat or just falafel. For 7Dollars you just cannot complain.


And whats better than to end the day with a relaxing foot massage in order to prepare my tired feet for my upcoming morning run in central park…that’s one thing that I love about New York City. You can find anything at any time at any place. If you crave a milkshake at 3am-you will find a place right around the corner, if you fancy a drink at any given time-you can simply go for it in any of the thousand bars, if you need a cab in the middle of the day or night-it will be right in front of you-all you gotta do is stop it, if you look for a special type of food to eat from any exotic country of the world-you will definitely find a restaurant close by that serves it, if you are hungry but don’t have much time-there is plenty of great delis around with delicious food options for everyone, if your feet hurt and you are tired from walking all those blogs-just pop in any of the massage places strategically located around town, if you are lost in the streets-just learn how to count numbers or simply ask the next stranger and he or she will help you…my point is that there is so many reasons just to love this city for its convenience and amazing vibes that make it so very special and that you will find nowhere else in the world.

As for my credit card I gotta make a little amendment here…of course I could not leave NY without buying something. But instead of  a visit to Tiffany’s I had something much better on my shopping list…new Running shoes ❀


On my last day I went to visit one of my friends who happens to have one of the most amazing apartments in New York City. Even without the incredible views and stunning facilities he can truly call himself very lucky living in such a great city. And so my time in NY comes to an end and I gotta say goodbye my sister, my friends and the city…but not for long as I will surely come back very soon again πŸ™‚


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