Dream BIG!

I strongly believe in life goals and little achievements to keep moving forward.

Having said that, I never really had a ‘Master Plan’ for myself in life. People always say that a goal without a plan is just a wish…being half Italian (yeah I know always blame the Italian part) and considering myself as a ‘victim of destiny’ I am more comfortable without any plans for my personal life. However, I always had a certain goal or dream in mind that magically pushed me through life and maybe also got me to where I am right now…


I never got satisfied with the so called ‘ordinary life’ and the mere existence of the boring daily life routine: the waking up early in the morning for work only to pay your bills and every day’s hustle to make money for a living. I believe that everyone should follow their very own passion and do what makes them really happy. Because isn’t that what life is all about: To find out what truly fulfills us and pursue our dreams.


My personal dream was always to be found in the skies. I know it sounds quite cheesy but it’s the truth. Being attracted by air shows since I was little and getting excited whenever just seeing an airport I later found myself sitting in an office day in and day out just to watch airplanes taking off from the distance. Yet none of this made my career path lead towards aviation automatically…


Like for many others it wasn’t so easy for me in the beginning as I had to stumble across a lot of rocky roads on my way. But I had a goal that I was ready to fight for and so I took all my courage and went against all my doubters and got myself the job I was dreaming for. When it was time for me to move and start a new life far abroad I had to fight for my passion once again as my family wasn’t too impressed with the idea of me becoming a flight attendant. Luckily I was eager enough to prove them that this is what made me happy and so it just happened naturally that giving up never became an option for me.


With my job I finally found what I was looking for. I managed to turn my passion into a living and am able to see the world the way I always dreamed about. But here is the strange thing with us human beings: we always strive for more. For some weird reason we never seem satisfied with what we have, always seeking for more and never getting enough. Which is why we need goals in life.


My father once taught me that his personal key to happiness lies in always having a target, something to aim for in life. He said that it’s  little things that matter, but we do need something in mind to focus on in order to be motivated. And so I made it my mission to follow his inspirational guidance and concentrate on my dream to fly.


With my job in the clouds it quickly turned out that my fascination for aviation was getting bigger with each day. And so I started working on my Private Pilot License in the United States which got me to solo an airplane and experience a whole new world. From that moment on it was like I needed more and more adrenalin to feed my enthusiasm for aviation. I would jump out of airplanes with a parachute; I would paraglide over the mountains or get into helicopters to experience the world from above whenever I had a chance to. I would do almost everything just to satisfy my addiction for flying.


Never will I forget my encounter with the first female pilot I ever flew with. Being a very passionate and ambitious woman herself this lady taught me something that somehow got burned into my brain until this day. She said that no matter how much love I will give to someone, no man on this planet will ever be able to give me back what flying can offer to me. At first I was a bit confused about what she said but I think with time and experience I am slowly starting to get her point. And even though I always had the strong desire to share my passion with somebody else who would understand me I feel like meeting her changed me in a strange way.


All along the way people would come and ask me why I never tried to become a pilot myself, as it is hard not to notice the fascination in my eyes when I talk about airplanes and aviation in general. So trust me when I say that I did try. And boy, I tried a lot. Maybe I didn’t try enough yet or maybe I even tried to hard. But I came to realize that it doesn’t matter how much you try because in the end it is you who needs to be happy and nobody else. So maybe I will never end up in a cockpit of commercial airplanes, maybe I will just stick with it as my private passion and I will always look up into the sky dreaming, but one thing is for sure: I will never give up my passion for it.I truly believe that you can accomplish anything you want in life if you only have the strength and courage to believe in yourself and follow up on your dreams. Because once you found what you really believe in no one can take that and your happiness from you. Maybe that’s why I love Disney so much, because no matter how silly it may sound, the message is always to go chase your dreams and make them come true.


And so even though I might have failed one or two times in pursuing my dream that doesn’t mean that I should give up or stop trying. I actually do believe that humans need to feel rejection or failure at times in order to grow and try harder. It’s easy for me to say this now but when I was younger I would have drowned myself in pity and harsh criticism whenever something went wrong. Fortunately, with time and experience I became much stronger and maybe also a bit wiser which enabled me to see the world with different eyes. Believe me when I say that I had to go through a lot of bad experience myself in order to get to where I am now. Like many others I encountered a lot of people who would not believe in me or even try to put me down due to jealousy or simply their very own lack of self-esteem. Looking back at it now I can only thank god for having those kind of people crossing my ways because they also kind of made me the person I am today and also realize what I never want to become. 


So if you want to aim for greater things in life it’s all about faith in your own abilities and also a bit of courage. Sometimes we got to take risks and step out of our comfort zone on order to let accomplishment reward us. And even if we fall at least we gave it a try and maybe also learn a valuable lesson for the future from it. So if you have a goal in mind just go for it and ignore or simply give a smile to those who try to stop you. Don’t ever et haters or doubters discourage you because the only person you got to make proud in life is yourself. Just trust in karma and it will do the rest 😉


The reason I am sharing all this is that I want to motivate other people to believe in their dreams no matter how silly they might sound. Never let anyone doubt yourself or stop you from doing what you really want to do in life. Too many people out there live someone else’s life without even noticing and only realizing when it’s too late. Always look into yourself first and try to find out about your own passion before trying to find out about someone else. Don’t get carried away with someone else’s dreams and make your own happiness depend on other people.


In the end we only have one life to live and no one is going to do it for you, so you better start believing in yourself and make it a life worth living.

3 thoughts on “Dream BIG!

  1. Wahre Worte und schön geschrieben!
    Habe deinen Blog durch Zufall gefunden – wir haben uns letzte Woche beim Assessment kurz gesehen, ich war der Typ mit der Brille.
    Hoffe du hast Stufe 1 geschafft! Dein Blogeintrag ist da ja leider etwas kryptisch 😉


    1. hi daniel, vielen lieben dank..leider nix geworden diesmal für mich, hat wohl einfach nicht sein sollen…aber das leben geht weiter und ich bin um eine erfahrung reicher…alles gute dir für die zukunft, war nett dich kennen zu lernen 🙂


      1. Schade! War wohl einfach nicht dein Tag. Ich bin mir sicher, irgendwann kommst du nochmal in ein “großes” Cockpit – einen PPL hast du ja anscheinend schon 😉
        Wirst du es noch woanders probieren?


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