Happy Flight Attendant Day from the States!

I am enjoying my last days off on Standby and decide to join my friends on a little road trip to Abu Dhabi. In the early evening hours I check my roster for any duty changes only to find out that I will be having another day off-whohoo! More time for more fun 🙂 With that we head to the race circuit for the ultimate driving experience on the Yas Marina Island Track….something I can highly recommend to everyone who is into cars and racing 🙂 It was my very first time to be sitting in a Formula One car and I truly enjoyed every moment of it. Those are the moments that make you realize the great lifestyle you are having that comes along with a very awesome job.

yas island

When we head back to Dubai I am so exhausted from an exciting day that I completely forget to check my roster again to find out the big surprise waiting for me….so it’s only when I reach home very late in the evening that I receive the great news about my flight the next morning to:

– Los Angeles –

I cannot believe my eyes. I am so happy that I could hug the entire world. This day has been so very awesome already that I feel truly blessed about even more greatness coming up 🙂 So I quickly pack my suitcase and rush into bed in order to get some well needed beauty sleep before this very long flight…


The next morning I jump out of bed without a struggle as my excitement is way to big for this trip. A quick glimpse on the weather forecast for California makes my heart even beat a little faster as it is going to be a beautiful day with sunshine and nice&warm temperatures…just how I like it 🙂

I get to the briefing with my standard cup of coffee and get pleasantly surprised with a very nice team that seems to be almost as happy to be on this flight as I am 🙂 With our positivity to the maximum we take off for an almost 16h journey that will take us to one of my favorite places in the world. Today nothing can upset me, not even the screaming child in the back of economy class that seems to be annoying everyone else in the cabin. Much to the despair of her own mother who seems to be out of ideas how to entertain her little crazy kid. So I take it as my duty for the next few hours to take care of that little bundle of joy in order to give her mother a little break. Having two little sisters myself I know exactly how to handle girls and find it very amusing to watch her being the star of our flight. We set up a little play zone and start coloring and playing with our onboard toys which apparently seem to attract some of our other little guests as well…soon the blanket -aka our magic carpet- is filled with many other kids who like to join us for some fun. But unlike all the other children my little princess doesn’t seem to get tired at all and wants more action. So I make her one of us and introduce her to the fabulous life of a flight attendant…I give her a private tour of the aircraft and show her how to buckle up on our jump seats. She seems to be enjoying our time together so much that she would not wanna leave my side anymore..but eventually I will have to go back to work and so I need to come up with a quick solution that will make her let go. Thinking of what would make me the happiest I can only think of one thing: Disney. Thank God we have such great onboard entertainment with thousands of movies for all ages. And so I hand her some snacks and guide her to her seat pretending to be in a real cinema (with a seatbelt of course!) and switch on Cinderella. And believe it or not but it worked. After 10h of non stop running around my little princess is finally off to Disneyland whilst I am getting back to the real world…


Looking back at it I must say that this little monkey truly made my day and made me see my job from a totally different perspective. In the end of the day we are much more than so-called ‘servants in the sky’ or ‘trolley pushers’…we are nannies, we are nurses, we are cleaners, we are safety instructors, we are entertainers, we are non-stop-smilers and yes sometimes we are even psychologists. The list of duties outside our job description is endless and it’s that what makes our work so very fascinating and never boring.

We arrive in the States without any major drama and I’m very happy to set foot onto American ground after such a long flight. As usual we have to queue up at the immigration point for quiet a long time but this time I get rewarded with some eye candy as the Hawaiian Airline Team make their way into the Airport in order to join us. I really enjoy meeting other Crew and with their tropical looks this is definitely one of my absolute favorite teams. We do the usual ‘catch ups’ of exchanging flight gossip and complimenting each other on our uniforms and say our farewells by wishing everyone safe&happy travels. For a moment I wonder what it must be like to live in paradise and quickly remind myself of my own great life in Dubai. On this note I would like to wish all my flight attending colleagues around the globe a Happy International Flight Attendant Day with a special shout out to my favorite team in Hawaii 😉


With arrival in the hotel my dinner plans are all forgotten at the sight of my bed and all I can think about is sleep now. Not even my three (!) alarm bells can wake me from my dreams and so I sleep until the next morning. During my morning workout I think of places to go cause that’s usually when I come up with the greatest ideas..and so it happens that 2h later I stand in front of the concierge to start planning a beautiful day trip to America’s Riviera, Santa Barbara. And even here my luck won’t leave me as I get a very generous surprise from my rental car dealer who offered me this fancy ride for my tour:


I guess sometimes it can be a great bonus to be a woman in this life 😉  Totally amazed by my flirting skills I head out and make my way up the 101 coastal drive for a scenic ride along the Californian beaches. It takes me about 2h and I pass by my favorite City Malibu and another beauty called Ventura…with my favorite song of all times ‘Hotel California’ by the Eagles pumping through the speakers I cruise along and truly enjoy the ride…I am absolutely fascinated by this picturesque route and enjoy watching the surfers catch their waves and the many sailing boats floating around in the sea…

America is written all over this place and I really enjoy being out here to breath in some fresh sea air. The really cool thing about this place is that you can actually drive all the way down the wooden pier with your car. I gotta admit that it was a bit scary at first as you hear the wood cracking underneath the heavy tires but the view will definitely make up your mind quickly. All in all I had another great day in the States and am really looking forward to my next flight to Dallas in a few days 🙂

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