Standby Diary…

The month is almost over and I am still stuck on Standby…With my bags packed I am sitting at the airport for the past few days waiting to get called out for a flight or send back home again…which in this case is obviously the better choice as my suitcase is randomly packed for any given destination and therefore pretty heavy already (no space for shopping!)…not to mention my level of tiredness -.-

The thing about Airport Standby is that you have to rock up in full uniform and make up on pretty much ready to leave on any given flight. And let me tell you it can be very nerve-racking…like every time the phone rings you see people looking up in panic checking if they are the ‘chosen ones’. With only a few people left in the room and yesterdays Airport Standby successfully survived I have a slight feeling already that this time I will get pulled out for something…and just when I finally start getting comfortable my name gets called out for:

– London –

As usual, coffee will be my best friend and power boost on this trip, as I can barely keep my eyes open after almost 4h of sitting around in the dark Airport Lounge and only very little sleep during the night after my previous day of Standby. Before even reaching the briefing room I head straight to the coffee shop to refuel my tired body and quickly grab something to eat for my flight knowing it will be a very busy trip.

stewardess coffee

But once again my luck kicks in as I find out that I will be operating in first class again 🙂  whohoooo! I already picture myself elegantly serving champagne and caviar from silver trays instead of running up and down the aisles in the economy cabin. What a relief. And so it happens that I meet many interesting customers from all over the world who entertain me with their personal stories and let me have a glimpse of the highlife 😉 I am still fascinated myself by the fact that you can actually have a shower and quick blow dry on board of our aircraft…whilst high up in the air…

fly high

The funny thing about this trip is that I was actually dreaming about London the night before. I recently found out about this very fancy place in Mayfair that I really wanted to visit. It’s called ‘Sketch’, a restaurant/gallery/bar/lounge in one and definitely worth seeing if you’re a fan of arts and food. Come for afternoon tea or sip on some cocktails in one of the plush dining rooms…

Unfortunately I had nothing warm to wear as my bags were packed for summer trips only (I guess I was a bit too optimistic there) so I did not manage to drive all the way into town…but next time I will go there for sure 🙂

Just have a look yourself and maybe plan your next visit:

My stay actually consisted of a lot of sleep. 12h uninterrupted to be exact. I guess sometimes your body just needs to rest. The great thing about sleep is that you can catch up on it in case you were missing out. It’s a so-called ‘sleep bank account’…each person has their personal account and any sleep you get will be either credited as a deposit, or an asset, while any hour of wakefulness is a withdrawal, or a debt. The optimum amount of sleep is 8h per night but in current times and with this job it seems nearly impossible. So with all those days of accumulated sleep debt I am pretty glad to finally getting a good nights sleep in order to stock up on my ‘bank account’ 🙂 Now there might be some critics that would argue with me on this topic as to whether you are actually able to repay your sleep debt in the future since it can seriously affect your immune system and general health…but I believe that with an active and healthy lifestyle you can actually fight most of these symptoms.


Enough of sleep, time to be awake and energetic again…and what is best to do before a flight?! Exactly-hitting the gym. And so it happens that I spent my next two hours running on the treadmill and biking my way through the day..usually I prefer being active outside but the UK weather somehow always prevents me from doing so.

And so I say goodbye to London and slowly start getting ready for my flight back home…hoping that soon I will be sent somewhere nice and warm…

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