Vriendelike Groete from South Africa!

It’s my second day of Home Standby and after a few relaxing days off in Dubai involving some great catch ups with friends I am very excited to finally go flying again…Sometimes it can be very hard to maintain relationships and fit your social life into your busy and tiring work schedule. But this month I cannot complain at all as I am enjoying a lot of time off at my home base going to the beach, meeting friends and following up on my favorite activity: running 🙂 With temperatures rising up to 40 degrees Celsius already I am slowly finding greater pleasure in running at night or early in the morning. Another great workout that I recently discovered and can highly recommend is Trampolining. At first it sounds like some silly child activity but the amount of kcal you will burn and the endorphins that will get released with this workout is just incredible. Apparently it is one of the most effective exercises and tones all muscles without high impact on your joints. Have a look yourself and go check out one of the biggest Indoor Playgrounds in Dubai:


  bounce bounce2

Ok back to my Standby. The other night I had to farewell another very dear friend of mine leaving me for another exciting adventure in life. So when I forced myself the next morning getting up at 6am for a run I was really struggling. But it had to be done as my standby already started at 8am and I like to be fit and ready for any given duty. Home Standbys usually last 6-8h and it basically means that during this period you have to be home and available at all times…preferably with your bags packed and your uniform ready to be put on. So when they called me in the early afternoon I was ready for my flight to:

– Johannesburg –

And once again I was very blessed with my crew as we had a lovely Purser who positively influenced our onboard atmosphere and contributed to a happy working environment. It is very interesting how sometimes you get to meet people who you can bond with very easily and I have to admit that I truly enjoyed my seniors inspiring presence and learned a lot on this flight. Another great benefit about my job is that you meet all kind of people from many different cultures which gives you the chance to learn so much -not only about others, but also about yourself. I am very blessed for this unique opportunity and sometimes wish I could share my experiences with someone…which is probably why I started writing this blog 😉

After another flight full of fun and laughter is over we finally reach our destination -tired and exhausted as usual- in the middle of the night. The only thing I can think of is my bed but when I switch on the TV I get hooked with a great classic and one of my all time favorites…

And so I lie in bed watching James Bond until I finally doze off…

The next morning starts with a great workout and some good African breakkie to fuel my body for a little tour around town. Unfortunately I have to learn that it is not very safe to leave the hotel compound and so I stick to the few shops and cafés within the area. My first destination is the book shop where I find some interesting African literature and spend most of my morning. I find the diversity of this huge country so fascinating that I really enjoy exploring…In the afternoon I get so tired from walking around that I decide to head back to the hotel to relax a bit by the pool…which turns out to be rather challenging as a group of young women decided to join me and loudly discussed their boyfriend issues right next to me -.- So I finish the day with some grocery shopping (you cannot leave South Africa without buying food!) and a late lunch in order to get some rest before the flight back home. With all my time off in Dubai I got so accustomed to proper nights sleep and day timing that I find it pretty challenging to survive this long night flight without falling asleep.  But somehow I manage and so another great trip comes to an end and makes me look forward to my next journey…


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