African Adventures

It’s the first day of my standby month and I already get surprised with a trip to:

– Kenya –

Luckily I received early notice so that I had enough time to prepare for my trip to Africa. The first thing I did was a trip to the pharmacy to get some mosquito spray in order to protect from the risk of Malaria. With my bags packed and a great spirit (not literally) I head to the airport for my next surprise: I will be operating in first class on this flight💁🏻 whohoo great news-now I’m even more excited for the flight✈️

 With only 2 customers in the cabin I have more than enough time to familiarize myself with all duties of a first class crew. The two gentlemen get welcomed in style with arabic coffee and dates followed by a personalized ‘dine on demand’ service. I am very grateful for my amazing colleagues on this flight who helped me out and also entertained me with a great sense of humour😂 after all it’s about having fun as well…and we definitely fulfilled that on this flight👍


When we finally land into Africa I cannot wait to get out of the aircraft to take a look outside the place and breath in some fresh air…But when I step down the air bridge I just wanna turn back around and leave…I guess the world is a very small place after all and sometimes you just cannot get around meeting people you do not wish to see -.-After 12h of sleep I recover from my shock and also regain some energy for a great workout in the gym💪🏼 I get hooked with a great western movie called ‘Shanghai Noon’ which keeps me busy and laughing on the treadmill for the next 1,5h👌🏼 Back in my room I’m already on my next movie starring Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington (two of my favorite actors):

The only place I make it to is the nearby church for sunday mass🙏 the walk there was an adventure itself as I had to pass at least 4 different security barriers. Also I was probably the only white person out on the street which honestly speaking made me feel kind of uncomfortable in the beginning. But the moment I stepped into church that feeling changed as I got welcomed with such open friendliness. All those people around me made me realize we might not have the same cultural background but we all have faith in the same thing🙏 Amen to that.

image  image

I guess some days and layovers are best spent by simply doing nothing…in the end I saved some mosquito spray and got well rested for my flight back home…✈️

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