Santa Cruzin’

As a flight attendant you might not get the privilege to stay in places for a very long time but luckily you get the chance to revisit and so eventually you get to see all city sights and surroundings. This is why I had to come up with a different plan for my layover in:

– San Francisco –

I was actually supposed to go on another trip to Brazil instead but since it was my friends and colleagues birthday and he really wanted to go to Rio we simply exchanged our flights. This gave me the chance to get back to my happy place: California🇺🇸

The flight was pretty tough with a full cabin and some very challenging passengers and onboard issues. But once again me and my team managed to do an awesome job in overcoming all obstacles with a good sense of humour…cause in the end that’s what life is all about: enjoy and have some fun✌️


We arrived in the States around midday so the first thing I did was renting a car in order to explore some new places. Calculating in a good nights sleep before the planned roadtrip I booked my pick up from the hotel for the next morning. In my excitement I woke up very early as usual because the jetlag kicks in pretty much all the time -.-


Starting the day with a great workout and some good breakkie I am ready to go on a well planned tour down to Santa Cruz&Monterey. But when I head down to meet the rent-a-car staff at the front desk there is nobody to be seen. After 15min of waiting I give them a call only to find out that they forgot about me :-/ Another 30min later the guy finally arrives informing me that they only have the so called standard category of vehicles left -which is absolutely not what I was looking forward to on my cruise tour through California. To make matters worse I also have to find out that the car is not equipped with a GPS system which will make the whole journey a lot more complicated for me. Noticing the desperate look on my face the guy quickly runs back only to return with a smile on his face and a huge map in his hand…seriously?! A map?! It’s the 21st century…how am I supposed to find my way around while driving the car🙈


But as always I accept the ‘challenge’ and look at it from the bright side…maybe this way I will discover new places and get to know some interesting people as I ask my way around 😉 and regarding the car- well at least I save money. And so I’m finally getting on the road ready to hit the Highway 1 which is supposed to be one of the top scenic routes in the world. The drive takes me through beautiful mountains and serpentine roads that tempt to go on a motorbike ride instead. The only thing stopping me from this great idea would be probably the weather as it unfortunately started to rain☔️ But today I feel like nothing can stop me and so I tune up the radio and keep singing my way to Santa Cruz🎵 Thank god nobody was with me in that car haha🙉


About 50min later I finally hit the beach and get rewarded with a view onto the famous Pier of Santa Cruz and its big rollercoaster at the waterfront which I was so much looking forward to ride. Unfortuntely the rain forced all shops and attractions to close down and so I find myself in a deserted place without anything to do..


But of course I have an idea and so I hop into the next local surf shop asking for a nearby coffee shop☕️ because what’s better than strolling down the rainy beach with a big cup of warming coffee in your hands🙏 Somehow I end up in a big amusement centre with pool tables, darts, pacman and other fancy games to play. So you can only imagine how I spent the rest of my time in Santa Cruz😜👾


My drive continues and I pass by artichoke fields and rolling sand dunes…once again I push the pedal to the metal and reach the beautiful and picturesque Monterey only a very short time later. The view over the bay is fantastic -despite the weather- and there are plenty of small boutiques to get some souvenirs. But what’s even more inviting is the huge candy shop my eyes spotted immeadietly😍 My sugarlevel already raised after just entering the store…I replenish my gummybear stock with some very unique creations like ‘red hot chili peppers’ (which surprisingly happen to be really spicy!) but safely manage to stay away from the bacon flavoured candies😝


On my way back I decide to drive past San Jose, the largest city within the bay area, and stop in Palo Alto which is with its European charme and numerous boutiques&coffee shops one of my favourite cities around here.  But for a moment I seriously get tempted to just keep driving down south towards LA 😉


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