Mi Buenos Aires Querido!

It’s official: I fell in love…with Buenos Aires ❤

On my quick stopover coming from Rio I got swept away with this wonderful and magical place bringing back sweet memories of my home in Italy…the smell, the people, the food, the culture…just everything reminded me of ‘la dolce vita’ 🙂 I was so amazed by this place that I almost did not want to leave anymore. Instead I decided to go on a 5h tour that would take me through the entire city showing me all different districts and their fascinating diversity. One of my favorite areas are ‘La Boca’, well-known for the famous Tango and a strong European influence, as well as ‘Belgrano’, a great place to just stroll around the streets, and Palermo Soho, a Bohemian place with many trendy shops and cafés.

Unlike Brazil and its melting temperatures it is actually quiet chilly out in the streets and so I hop up and down on my ‘hop on hop off bus tour’ 😉 Every time a nice stop or something interesting is coming up I immediately jump outside to take some more pictures. After all you never know if there ever will be a next time to come and visit this awesome city…and so I’m enjoying my tour totally forgetting about the time and the fact that eventually I will have to get back. Until my empty stomach reminds me to get off for a lunch break🍴 but with so many options it’s hard to choose the best place to go. I ask the driver for any insider tips but as usual I just follow my gut feeling (which in this case is probably the best to follow anyway) and randomly get off the bus. Without having the slightest idea where to go I just head down the busy street and find myself right in front of a small hipster restaurant serving delicious home-made food-all vegan and super healthy😍 At the counter I realize that I ran out of cash and when the waiter sees me rummaging around my bag for my last coins he just waves at me gesturing that it’s ok😊 I order an amazing tortilla de patatas -which is also pretty much all I can afford- when 2min later the waiter returns from the kitchen with a homemade ice tea for free🙏bless Argentinian courtesy…almost like Italian😜

The tour continues and I end up in another beautiful district showcasing many picturesque and colourful townhouses. I watch the locals hanging on the streets playing cards, listening to music or dancing the tango. The spirit is so overwhelming that it almost feels like being part of a movie. The rhythmical sounds invite for a dance on the cobblestone streets and the smell of homemade food tempt to sneak into one of the local houses. But of course I know how to behave 😉 And so I just keep passing by imagining what life must be like in a place like this…


My day comes to a perfect end with -of course how else would it be- a visit to a nearby coffee shop☕️ And once again I get amazed by the friendly and very welcoming Argentinian courtesy as I get offered to try all sorts of sweets along with my coffee. Since it’s still easter I allow myself to indulge in some little treats while enjoying a really good coffee-and trust me I tasted a lot of coffee around the world. Unlike many other people I get very tired as the caffeine kicks in and I finally get off to bed for some well deserved rest before my flight back to Rio…already dreaming of the Copacabana I am secretly hoping to return one day to this absolutely beautiful place…

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