Happy Easter from Rio!

There is a first time for everything and so I’m getting ready for an exciting easter trip to:

~ Rio de Janeiro ~

I remember spending a fantastic easter in Sao Paolo about two years ago and so I am very excited going to Brazil again for this season. Our flight is filled with eye candy as it is full of Brazilian and Argentinian people who are very well known amongst the prettiest of all. I really enjoy socializing on this trip and love the fact that we have so many children onboard to entertain us on this very long flight. 14h can be a really long time but with a crew like this, it can turn into a whole lot of fun πŸ™‚

When we finally land in Rio I get the first glimpse of this amazing city from our crew bus. The sun is shining and we are passing beautiful beaches filled with tanned people working out in shorts and bikini. The waves are enormous and you can see many surfers out in the sparkling water battling over the best ones. There are big mountains surrounding us and I get goosebumps as I look up and see the massive Christ statue looking down on us. What a beautiful and pulsating city this is and how lucky I am to get to fly to such an exciting place. But before I start exploring everything I need rest…


It’s a beautiful sunny Easter morning and I wake up to the sound of waves outside my window. What a great reason to get up and have breakfast outside on the terrace overlooking the beach 😍 There is a family sitting on the table next to me and as I watch them having breakfast all together I start thinking of my own family back home…How do they celebrate easter now? I think of the numerous times we got to celebrate this beautiful day all together and even though I may be far away from home now I am blessed to always keep those loving memories with me. And so I might be sitting here all by myself like most of the times when out on a layover somewhere in the world, but that does not mean that I feel alone…because knowing what you have in life and being happy with nothing but yourself is what brings you real happiness in life. And so I am enjoying a beautiful and peaceful Easter morning with a lot of great memories in my head while looking out on the wide blue ocean.


Since the weather is so nice I decide to visit a nearby market and check out the famous beaches of Rio de Janeiro. On my way into the city, I meet a friendly old guy who turns out to be a flight attendant too. He tells me that he works for a US Airline which also explains his age (67!). In the States, there is no age limit for Cabin Crew and so the average age is a lot higher than in any other country. We exchange some crew gossip and are happy to have met someone we can talk to along the way. Greg has obviously been here before as he shares a lot of great tips and seems to know his way around. I am glad about all the information and jump out of the bus feeling excited. The so-called ‘Hippie Market’ turns out to be a treasure trove for traditional crafts, local arts, and some very special souvenirs. I make some great bargains and enjoy the true Brazilian spirit as well as funny Greg speaking full-on Portuguese with an American accent. Happy about all the purchases I leave the market to head to the beach and get some sun. With famous Ipanema beach right around the corner, I hit the jackpot and once again cannot believe how lucky I am being in such an awesome place. And so I stroll down the pier having this song stuck in my head…

The next day I wake up to the sound of rain hitting against my window instead of the soothing ocean breeze the morning before. But instead of just staying inside my hotel room I join my colleagues on a sightseeing tour through the city. It’s a full day tour that takes us to all the great sights…’Christ the Redeemer’, ‘Sugarloaf Mountain’, the famous steps made of all these colorful tiles, a beautiful Cathedral, the Birthplace of Rio Carnival, the well known Football Stadium where Brazil hosted last years World Cup and of course my personal highlight: the ‘Copa Cabana’ 🌴🌞


Not a second goes by without our local tour guide letting me know about his ‘good intentions’…yet another Brazilian highlight. Luckily I have the crew around me and so I squeeze myself in the back of the bus next to one of my male colleagues. The rain starts getting heavier and we get provided with ‘sexy rain ponchos’ to protect us from the massive waterfalls pouring from the sky which will be the highlights of all our tourist pictures. One might think the whole tour was a huge disappointment due to all the rain but it was actually quite the opposite as we had a great blast marching through the puddles and laughing our way along the road. Another reason might be that coming from the desert, it can be very refreshing getting a bit of rain every now and then…and also getting high on our jet lag 😜 Another highlight was the Brazilian BBQ we got invited to. Set at the picturesque Copacabana our restaurant was the perfect spot to try some local specialties. And boy were they special! Our bellies filled and satisfied with the awesome food we end the tour by running down the beach and taking some last pictures.


Back in the hotel, I don’t even remember falling asleep…only the annoying sound of my alarm reminding me that I am not on endless holiday -.- I only have vague memories of getting ready and mumbling my way through the briefing as I was still half asleep…but the moment I stepped back onboard I regained my power and turned into my usual self. The great thing about working with people is the fact that you can motivate each other and make each others day. Those past few days someone has really made my day with pure kindness and so I decided that today will be my turn to make that person day. As a matter of fact, it was his birthday and so I created a beautiful cake using my onboard resources (a flower instead of a candle will do) in order to surprise this crew member. We gathered all together and when he entered the galley we started singing…just by looking at his face, I could see that we truly made his day. It’s those moments far away from our families and friends back home that make our job so very special and create bonds and unforgettable memories onboardπŸ™βœˆ


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