The Perfect Getaway….

It’s been a while since I last posted on my blog…but in my defense-I got a very good reason:

I went on vacation πŸŒ΄πŸŒžπŸ‘™ To be more specific it was what you can call my very own honeymoon ❀ No-I did not get married, but this year I felt like I deserve something very special for my Birthday and so I went on an absolutely amazing trip to Paradise…


And who else is a better companion for your travels than your very own family πŸ™ The people who love you the most-no matter what. The people who will always support you-even if everyone else is turning you down. And also those who will criticize you without sugarcoating the truth in order to protect you from your own downfall. I am very grateful for having exactly those people in my life and strongly believe that we should cherish our loved ones as much as we can…cause after all life is too short. So I chose to start living my dreams and take off on another exciting journey to:


 Our trip starts with an exciting ride on a twin otter seaplane-which was my personal highlight of the whole journey. The plane ride to our island takes us approximately 45 min. and I truly enjoy every single second flying over the turquoise and crystal clear waters surrounding the tiny islands magically appearing in the ocean underneath us. I watch the pilots as they take off barefoot and in shorts and wonder what their life must be like…flying happy people around paradise without endless checklists and procedures and even more so: without having to wear ties or shoes-sounds like an absolute dream😍✈️


We reach our island and get warmly welcomed by the friendly Italian staff…because where else would we stay but on an italian island 😏 -no judgment here please. The ambience is truly amazing and I wish I could capture the beauty of this serene place in words but it seems nearly impossible to describe such a heavenly and peaceful place. The sun is shining and all you can hear is the soft breeze of the ocean. We take off our shoes and walk through the soft warm sand…there is palm trees everywhere and our beach villas are located directly in front of the water. Imagine waking up everyday to the sound of the waves and having your first cup of coffee overlooking the beautiful beach-a dream come true. The bathrooms are open air and every time I take a shower I feel like I am standing in a tropical rainforest. People did warn me about this place…telling me it will be the vacation of a lifetime and I might not want to come back…I guess this time they were right πŸ˜‰


Berlin based Author Tom Masters who is working for Lonely Planet nailed it in his review about the Island:

I first came to the Maldives with no idea how different it was to the rest of the world, how fragile or challenging life seems here at the mercy of the sea, with so few resources locally available. I instantly formed a bond of respect and friendship with the people who make these inhospitable coral islands home. It’s such a contradiction that this is also where to find some of the world’s most luxurious hotel properties, and this is a paradox – among many – that I continue to enjoy every time I return to this astonishing, beautiful country.

Our days turn into a relaxing routine by all the great things you can imagine doing on a vacation like this…from chilling at the beach over sipping on exotic cocktails and indulging into lavish dinner buffets with Italian specialties (can’t miss out on Italian gelatoπŸ‘Œ) and delicious Maldivian treats. We fully enjoy our little vacay and the good times together πŸ™‚ But when the big day arrives and we get ready to celebrate my birthday with a ‘beachdinner-en-blanc’ underneath the stars we get surprised by heavy rain and massive thunderstorms ⚑️ It feels like the world is going down…but as always I see it as a sign…a sign of something good, something new. Maybe it symbolizes the breaking and wash away of the past and initiates a fresh start…positive thinking is the key to everything in life πŸ™


My birthday turns into an amazing party when eventually the rain starts disappearing and we get to dance underneath the stars until the late AM. Cause in the end it’s about the company we keep and the moments we share together that will turn into our dearest reminders β€ I will definitely take a lot of great memories with me from this trip and hopefully return one day…maybe even with my very own family…who knows…but for now I just enjoy living in the present and so I go on a soothing beach run to take off my mind and take a few fresh breaths of sea air. It takes me approximately 40min running barefoot through the sand to get around the entire island. Throughout my life I must have run in so many different places but nothing-absolutely nothing-compares to running at the beach along the shoreline with a view like this:

Being so far away from the rest of the word makes you think about what’s really important in life and also realize that you actually don’t need so much in order to be happy πŸ™‚ And so we are leaving this beautiful place with many great memories and  gratefulness for the good times we had together ❀

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