New York Part II

Once again I get lucky to fly to my favorite City in the World…


The weather is still pretty much the same (freezing cold!) and so I pack my suitcase for a trip that might also just take me up to Alaska (which is still on my bucket list by the way!). This time we depart on our trip in the more ‘holy’ morning hours which gives me just enough rest before a very long flight…and also some time to fit in a little morning run 🙂 With my motivation up to the ceiling I embark on another great journey that will have some very exciting surprises waiting for me…

On todays flight we have a little ‘Spy’ traveling with us…well to be honest he is not exactly what you would call a ‘Secret Spy’ but I personally think the name suits him pretty much. We are joined by a so called ‘Onboard Product Inspector’ whose job it is to give us feedback on how we conduct the service as well as observe any possible shortfalls and helps us to do better. Luckily he is actually a very nice guy that seems to be enjoying his job as much as we all do 🙂 The flight goes by pretty smoothly as everyone is doing their very best in order to keep our customers happy and ourselves of course! On our way we are sharing plans for the Big City and find out that we all have one common thing in mind: Shopping. If there is one place in this world where you can definitely find anything you need (or in my case not really need), it must be New York ❤

As we land and my heart starts beating full of excitement I can literally only see stars and barely walk anymore. So I call it a night at 5pm (don’t judge me, I’m a flight attendant!) only to wake up 11 hours later realizing it’s still dark outside -.- Yeah these are the ‘perks’ of our crazy lifestyle…but instead of regretting my choice for an early single ‘pillow party’ over an italian dinner invite the night before I decide to make the best out of the day and get going to hit the gym! And believe it or not but apparently I am not the only earlybird out there…the gym is totally packed and not for the first time I am thinking: ‘This City really does never sleep!’

After I finish my daily workout routine I fill my empty stomach with a healthy granola cup along with one of the most amazing fruit smoothies freshly made from a local shop close by (don’t worry-I already fueled myself with enough coffee before) Yet another great reason to love NY: all the 24h delis and healthy food shops around town that offer the freshest and most amazing food in the world. Here you can feast on generous American portions as well as enjoy award-winning European cuisine or fancy Asian dishes anywhere you go. And yes-Italian food in NY is really good! One thing is for sure, you definitely won’t leave this town starving 😉

One of the things I learned best as a flight attendant is how to be spontaneous. And so it magically happens that I end up booking a helicopter tour above Manhattan that very same day! Yes-I know I’m crazy but it’s just one of the things I always dreamed about doing and since I’ve never been on a helicopter before I figured it was time for me to go on this great adventure…With only 1hour left before my flight I realize that I should probably get something for lunch before take off. On my way to the subway I grab a delicious tuna/avo wrap to go realizing I won’t even have time to sit down and eat my lunch. Luckily I still find myself in the wonderful city of New York where everything is possible-even having food in the subway 🙂 …which btw is a serious crime in Dubai and gets you heavy fines-trust me I tried it once and it is not fun.

As I reach the helipad I start getting very excited seeing the helicopters circling around the area. The ‘safety briefing’ consists of a quick life vest distribution and an american ‘how ya doin?’.  Great-now I feel safe -.- But anyway today is about having fun..not about going down haha! As I am the only single in the room I gain a few pity looks from some of the joining couples…but once the pilot announces that I will get the privilege of the front seat I immediately spot some envious looks on their faces…

The take off is so smooth that I barely notice us getting up into the air. All my life I have been fascinated by airplanes and here I am sitting for the first time in a helicopter being completely overwhelmed by it. For the next 20minutes I quietly sit in my glass bottom seat totally amazed with what I get to see…The tour takes us all along the Hudson River uptown with awesome views over the City’s Skyline, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and some of the neighboring boroughs. I wish I could capture all the beauty and make this a never ending trip but it is what it’s like with all great things in life..eventually it has to come to an end.


And so I am leaving New York with another great set of memories and an unforgettable experience that makes me want to come again very soon….

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