Why I love New York

One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years. (Tom Wolfe)

Despite all nasty rumors about the tough flight I consider it my lucky day having the chance to travel to the ‘Big City’. Prepared for freezing minus degrees and long strolls around the city I am ready to depart on an adventure to one of my favorite destinations: New York ❤ I believe there is a very good reason they call it the City of Dreams and today it is my mission to find out why…

With arrival in the briefing my mood instantly lights up when I see the magic letters of the airport code: JFK. No matter how hard I am trying to keep a serious face everybody notices my excitement 🙂 We are going to New York. I keep rephrasing that sentence over and over again in my head until I finally realize that this is real. We ARE really going to New York. To me it is a very special city because every time I go I see it in a different light, explore new places and meet interesting people from all around the world who share my enthusiasm about this magic place. There is something about this city that makes it very special which separates it from others in the world and no matter the season it is always worth a visit.

The flight goes by very quickly as I am chatting my way around in our onboard lounge meeting all kind of interesting new people with many different reasons to join us on that trip. There is those that have never been to New York but heard so many fascinating stories about it and watched all those famous movies (yes-most of them are probably Italian Mafia movies), businessmen and women who come for work and will attend their important meetings in one of the numerous skyscrapers that create the beautiful skyline or other tourists who are returning to inhale some of its unique spirit..And then there is also the ‘real New Yorker’ a person that carries a certain pride and glow which is very hard not to notice. Today I chose to focus on this very person. I want to find out what life is like living in this amazing city.

As I make my way out into the busy streets of Manhattan I start realizing that this is nothing like the always warm and cozy temperatures back home in the desert. With the wind blowing right into my face and -4 degrees outside I feel my exposed fingers slowly getting numb from the cold…time for a hot cup of coffee. Luckily I find myself in caffeine paradise as there is at least one big coffee shop at each corner serving one of the best brews around the world. Recharged with a hot latte I keep heading to one of the most famous department stores of all: Macy’s. It’s time for Super Sale and I surely don’t want to miss out on that. On my way down Times Square I keep passing all the illuminated signs advertising the numerous Broadway shows. I notice that up until that very day I have not seen any of the shows-but keep telling myself that it is definitely on my bucket list….so why not make it happen tonight? 🙂 While heading to the ticket counter a lady with a huge lion king sign is approaching me desperately trying to sell her tickets. I tell her that I am looking for something a little different and just when I turn around to face the huge crowd of people lining up at the counters I see the magic letters I was looking for: ALADDIN.

Isn’t it ironic that I came all the way from the desert only to experience 1001 Arabian nights from a totally different perspective?! Funny as it seems I just knew I have to see it. Since it is one of the new shows they obviously have no discounted tickets on offer yet but for an experience like this I don’t mind the extra charge. With the freshly purchased ticket in my hand I proudly parade down 7th Ave to find a place to grab something to eat before the magic begins. And once again I get lucky that evening when I coincidentally pass by my favorite Mexican Grill…I bet that’s not what you expected right 😉 Anyway it happened then and there that I got in contact with my first ‘real New Yorkers’. Sitting down munching on my bowl of happiness I started making the casual all american friendly conversation with two girls across the table. I learned that they both grew up in the Bronx spending their entire lives in the wonderful city of New York. Their thick accents made me smile and I was very interested in them telling me about their favorite places around town. One of the girls told me about the amazing musicians in the subways and a very popular cupcake shop nearby (which I will definitely quality test myself during my next visit!). The other girl was well aware of the best fast food outlets and made plenty of great recommendations. They added so many things onto my must-see/try-list that I will have a very hard time to tick them all off during a short layover like ours (we are staying for 24h only). But what captured me the most was the sparkle in their eyes every time they came up with a new place. I was so fascinated by their personal New York moments and places that I totally forgot about the time….

1 hour later I left the shop feeling very grateful for having met such inspiring people who seem to be so happy right where they are. One of the many reasons why you should never leave a city as great as New York. And a good reason to share this with you:

110 Reasons why you should never leave New York City

With only 15 minutes left until the start of the show I quickly rush back to the theatre in order to get my seat. The opulent stairway and beautifully decorated walls in the entrance halls already give hint to the breathtaking performance I am about to witness. I have seen many musicals in my life all over the world but this one is real eye candy to me. The colors and costumes are all so fascinating and spectacular that I get goose bumps all over while watching and also very happy to call an exotic place like this my own home. The spirit in the audience is another highlight as everyone is singing and clapping along to their favorite Disney songs and I get so overwhelmed that I truly wish that moment would not go by so quickly…

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