Happy V-Day from Downunder!

As the day of love is knocking on our doors I am escaping on a very long trip to the other side of the world:

Dubai – Sydney – Auckland

Believe me when I say that it is not easy getting ready for a five-day trip into a whole different timezone. The most challenging part of our job is probably to manage your sleeping and eating patterns whilst staying fit and healthy. With departure timings in the middle of the night and flight duties lasting up to 16 hours that can be very tricky. I personally always try and listen to what my body tells me: If I am tired, I sleep. If I am hungry, I eat. If I feel low, I workout. Simple. The trick is that everyone needs to find their own rhythm but I do strongly believe that an active lifestyle will definitely help to maintain your mental and physical fitness. Having said that I am not excluded from the most common ‘travel disease’ called jet lag. Luckily this time I manage to get enough rest before the trip in order to survive the next 13 hours…

Since a lot of the crew decided to call in sick last-minute me and the Purser end up sitting in the briefing room by ourselves trying to sort out the positions desperately hoping we will get at least one more senior crew joining us on the trip. The doors open and with all the crew arriving and me having to check all their documents alone I start realizing that this is not gonna be an easy trip for me -.- The telephone rings and the duty manager informs us that one more crew will be removed from our flight. With a relieved look on her face the girl whose name just got called out is now getting ready to leave us for another trip. She closes the door wishing everyone a safe trip and off she goes…another helping hand is gone…We start the briefing discussing some flight specific information and when we nearly finish our speeches the doors swing open again and I spot two girls wearing that similar look on their face than I probably do that very moment. They both got called out from the airport standby lounge and will be joining me as seniors in the cabin-yeah! Finally some great news 🙂

The flight takes off and we start our usual routine…changing into our onboard service attire and setting up for the service. All following events are totally out of the routine since every flight is very different from one another. I am glad that I will remember this trip as a very pleasant and smooth one with a great onboard atmosphere and an amazing team spirit. We all share our plans for Valentines day and discuss whether our loved ones are waiting at home or able to celebrate with us on the special occasion. Some crew even tell me about their Skype dates and for some others (mostly our male crew I should mention here) it’s just like any other day within the year…It is actually very bizarre that so many people have this strange perception about us flight attendants never being alone and having boy or girlfriends all over the world when in fact we are probably one of the loneliest people on this planet…because let’s just face the truth: when it comes to relationships we are probably not the best partners in the world. Surely no one wants to be with someone who is constantly leaving or half asleep whilst being on a date 😂 no kidding.

Happy Valentines Day💘

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