California dreaming…

Happy February everyone!

It’s my first trip this month and I am very excited to announce that I am traveling to my favorite destination of all times:

Los Angeles

The day starts with a few hick ups as I am running late as usual desperately trying to save my last few minutes before briefing start for a quick visit to my happy place: the coffee shop 🙂 There is one thing you have to know about me: I am absolutely addicted to coffee and no morning can start without it.

After finishing all pre flight duties we are finally ready to bord and commence our journey to LA. With 16h ahead of us we are all eager to make this a quick boarding in order to take off as soon as possible without any delays. Unfortunately not all our passengers have the same goal in mind…with all doors closed and the plane taxiing down the runway it turns out that one of our customers is feeling unwell. It  was only then and there that the gentleman decided to speak up in order to inform the crew about his critical health status that would prevent him from keeping any fluids inside his body. We obviously have no other choice than to return to our original parking stand in order to let the medical team on ground assess and finally offload the customer. After a very long process of identifying and offloading all bags, reassuring and entertaining our other customers and another round of cabin securing we are finally bound to Los Angeles.

The flight is pretty busy as you can probably imagine the state of our customers after waiting for 2h on ground. But with a great team on my side and some motivational skills we manage to make everyone happy again. In the end we even get a smile out of the crying child in the front row of economy cabin who is now playing with his brand new toy one of our crew handed him and cheekily inspecting the polaroid picture another girl just snapped. First class is packed with A-list celebrities as usual and while the champagne keeps on flowing above 40,000ft we hardly get a chance to check the time…after all it is true what they say…

-time really does fly when you’re flying-

When we finally reach the hotel after a very long and tiring flight I cannot resist the temptation of all those big and fluffy pillows on my hotelbed anymore. Maybe tomorrow I will drive up the coast to Malibu (one of my favorite spots here in Cali) or squeeze in a little shopping trip but for now I just need sleeeeeep…

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